Is there an after hours vet in Waikato?

Is there an after hours vet in Waikato?

We are your emergency vet for all Waikato situated in Hamilton! For you as a pet owner this means… The Waikato After Hours Veterinary Hospital is here for your pet when your regular clinic is closed. We provide a dedicated, compassionate team all night and weekends to look after your beloved pet in times of emergency.

How often is the emergency vet clinic open?

Open 7 days a week. When you need us. Pets get sick every day. That’s why our Vet clinic is open on Saturday, Sundays and Bank Holidays as well as regular week days. Veterinary care doesn’t stop on Saturday afternoon with us. Emergency Vet Care. Full hospital facilities.

Where is the after hours vet in Hamilton?

576 Anglesea Street, Hamilton Fax: 07 839 5658 Email: [email protected] WAVH is a companion animal After Hours Emergency Veterinary Clinic in Hamilton, New Zealand. We are fully equipped with digital x-ray, ultrasound, idexxblood machine, radiometer (blood gases), capnograph, blood pressure, ECG, oxygen cages, infusion pumps, syringe drivers.

When does Manukau after hours veterinary clinic open?

Upon arrival at the clinic the vet will examine your pet then call you for a telephone consultation. The pick-up service will operate from 6pm – midnight on weekdays and 9am – midnight on weekends. Drop-offs will be between 7-9am the following morning.

When to take your pet to the ER?

Usually you will take your pet to an animal hospital when your regular vet is closed or the health of your pet is beyond what your local vet can handle. Emergency veterinary clinics are usually open 24/7 and always have a qualified ER veterinarian on staff.

When to go to the emergency veterinary clinic?

Emergency veterinary clinics are usually open 24/7 and always have a qualified ER veterinarian on staff. Emergency veterinary clinics are also there to handle crisis situations that your regular veterinarian may not have the capacity to take care of in their specific clinic setting.

How often do pet owners call the emergency vet?

Our contact centre team, who are the first point of contact for worried pet owners during their time of need, are also based here. They deal with more than 10,000 emergency calls a week — freeing up our clinic staff to focus on caring for sick and injured pets.

When to bring your dog or cat home after hospitalization?

If your dog or cat was seriously ill, or underwent a major medical procedure, he may have spent several days in the veterinary hospital or ICU. When you bring him home, you are excited to have your buddy back! There is some adjusting that needs to happen though.