Why are my sweet peas drooping?

Why are my sweet peas drooping?

Peas don’t like extremely hot temperatures, and if the soil has become dry, the plant will wilt. If this is the case, water the plants well, and the plants should return to health within a day or two. It’s best to water peas early in the morning and use mulch around the stem to help keep moisture in the soil.

What is wrong with my sweet pea?

Plant Sweet Peas in a sunny spot bearing in mind Sweet Peas have a strong preference for moisture retentive soil, enriched with compost or other organic matter. If you encounter any problems growing Sweet Peas, the most common problem is powdery mildew, a fungus which leaves white powder on the leaves.

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How do you bring sweet peas back to life?

So, keep those gardening scissors handy! If you return from holiday and find the friends or neighbours didn’t pick enough and the plants have start to set seed, then do not despair! Instead, remove all flower stems, water and feed. This should hopefully revive the plants and they’ll start to bloom again.

What eats sweet pea?

Aphids. The black bean aphid as well as the light green foxglove aphid, green peach aphid and potato aphid prey on sweet peas, piercing stems and leaves to extract the plant fluids.

Why are my sweet peas dying at the bottom?

Leaves starting to go yellow on the bottom of the plant is usually caused by over-watering, or by watering from a cold hosepipe. It can also be caused by the compost being used being too rich and burning the roots of the plants. This is very common in containers with too many plants.

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What kind of plant is a sweet pea?

Grow beautiful and flouncy annual sweet peas ( Lathyrus odoratus) from seed each year for their fragrance and for cutting, climbing them over obelisks or twiggy supports in borders or in a cutting garden. Try dwarf varieties as bedding. Pretty, pea-like flowers come in shades of white, pink, coral, red, violet and blue, some combining two colours.

Do you have to save sweet peas for next year?

If you plan to grow sweet peas in the same garden spot again next year, you don’t have to go to the trouble of saving seeds. As the seed pods dry, they pop open and drop their seeds to the ground. Next year’s flowers will grow from these seeds.

What’s the best way to keep sweet pea seeds?

Bring the seedpods indoors and remove the seeds from the pods. Line a flat surface, such as a countertop or cookie sheet, with newspaper and let the seeds dry for about three days. Once dry, put them in a freezer bag or Mason jar with a tight-fitting lid to keep them dry. Store them in a cool place until planting time. Did you find this helpful?

Are there any problems with sweet pea plants?

There are few pests or problems associated with sweet peas. Groundhogs and rabbits, however, will eat the seedlings, so protecting them with a spray repellent is a good idea when they are first in the ground. The plants may be done in if temperatures get too hot.