How much is a TPLO surgery for dogs?

How much is a TPLO surgery for dogs?

In general pet owners can expect cat and dog TPLO surgery cost to average $3,500 to $5,000 and capsular suture stabilization to cost between $1,200 to $1,5004, which often includes the exam, surgery, anesthesia, operating room use, hospitalization, medications, checkups and physical therapy.

How much does tibial plateau osteotomy cost?

Cost of Surgery A typical TPLO surgery will cost between $2500 and $3500.

What is the tibial plateau leveling osteotomy ( TPLO ) procedure?

More recently, the tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO) procedure has been described, which alters the mechanical forces acting on the stifle, rendering the cranial cruciate ligament unnecessary. Cranial cruciate ligament pathology is a leading cause of lameness in dogs.

When to expect full recovery from a tibial plateau osteotomy?

The first 12 weeks following the TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy) surgery are the most critical time for recovery yet as with many major orthopedic injuries full recovery can take up to 6 months.

What happens when you level the tibial plateau?

By leveling the tibial plateau to nearly perpendicular to the long axis of the tibia, the active forces of the stifle flexors are enhanced so that cranial tibial thrust experienced during weight bearing is eliminated. One study showed that the cranial tibial thrust is actually converted to a caudal thrust, which requires an intact caudal CL.

What should I avoid with a tibial plateau osteotomy?

Excessive flexion of the stifle during weight bearing should be avoided. This includes jumping, running, stair climbing, or walking in a crouched position. The therapist must carefully monitor the patellar tendon and tibial crest, and alter the treatment protocol if necessary.

What to expect after your dog’s TPLO surgery?

Weeks 1 – 4 post TPLO: Check the incision twice daily for redness, excessive swelling or drainage. Leash walk only when going outside to void. When inside your dog must remain strictly confined. It is extremely important not to let your dog lick at the incision site. Give pain medications and antibiotics as directed.

What it’s like during a dog’s TPLO surgery recovery?

TPLO Recovery. Most dogs will not have to spend the night after surgery and will return home a few hours after surgery. Many can put pressure on their leg within 24 hours, but they will still need to be confined for several weeks. They should move around only for bathroom breaks and then immediately return to confinement. After two weeks,…

What is TPLO surgery for dogs?

TPLO, or tibial-plateau-leveling osteotomy, is a surgery performed on dogs to stabilize the stifle joint after ruptures of the cranial cruciate ligament (analogous to the anterior cruciate ligament [ACL] in humans, and sometimes colloquially called the same). In the vast majority of dogs,…