Do poodles get lighter or darker with age?

Do poodles get lighter or darker with age?

With most poodles, the color has completely faded by the time the dog reaches the age of two, and the lightening process ceases. In some circumstances and with some colors, there is a second phase that occurs between the age of two and three.

At what age does a poodle’s hair get curly?

In toy and miniature poodles, the wavy coat starts changing into a curly coat at approximately 9 months of age, and takes about 9 months to completely transition. By the time your smaller poodle reaches the age of a year-and-a-half, his curly coat should be complete.

How big is poppy the 10 month old Poodle?

Now weighs 41 1/2 lbs. same weight as she was at 10 months. The chart that twyla referenced was spot on for Poppy’s growth. Enjoy that pup! Dolly and Poopy are very similar, at 13 weeks Dolly was also 16 lbs. and has quit growing now.

How big is Sammy the mini poodle now?

My Mini Sammy will be one year old on June 29th. He weighs 15.4 lbs, and still looks slim. He’s long and tall. Luce was the smallest in her litter. She was 2.25lbs. at 8 weeks.

How big is Rizal the Poodle at 12 weeks?

According to our vet visit yesterday, Rizal is now 18.4 pounds! That seems so heavy to me but based on the chart, that projects an adult weight of around 52 or 53 pounds, which seems reasonable. Click to expand… So Rizal is 18.4 pounds at 11.5 weeks and Sam (Rizal’s sire) was 18.3 pounds at 12 weeks.

How big was Chagall the mini Poodle at 5 months?

Chagall was 16 lbs at 5 months. Yes…I am a poodle stalker…I was very interested in that large mini/small spoo size. I had a tinnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy spoo puppy who was only 1 lb heavier than your guy at 12 weeks. She’s grown into an in size spoo now (22 in/41 lbs) and she’s only 7 months old.

How tall is Dolly, my 14 month old Poodle?

Dolly will be 14 months old on May 3rd. and is soooo close to 23″ but just can’t quite get there, she holds steady at 41-42 lbs. Abbey was 23 lbs at 13 weeks and already 17″ in height, she is now 2yrs and 4 mths old and weighs 57 lbs and is 25.5 ” tall. I’ve found that chart to be pretty much right on, give or take a little.

How big was Charlie the mini Poodle at 25 weeks?

Re my mini poodle, Charlie, updating to say that at 25 weeks he weighed 13.8 pounds and was about 13.5 inches at shoulder. Since then (5 days ago) he seems to have had another growth spurt – he looks bigger!

How big was my miniature poodle when she matured?

There seem to be so many toy and standard puppy growth charts on the web, but I can’t seem to find any miniature puppy growth charts! That’s large. My female mini was 2.3lbs at 8-9 weeks, 6lbs at 16 weeks and matured at 13-14lbs and 14″ tall.

How tall is my 10 week old Poodle boy?

My boy is considered tall at 27″ (3″ taller than both mom and dad) but is slim for his height at 55#. Here he is at 10 weeks and 1 year. Click to expand…