Does snail and slug bait expire?

Does snail and slug bait expire?

Answer: Ortho Bug-Geta Snail and Slug Killer has a shelf life a 3 years before it starts to lose its effectiveness. The manufacturer stated that after 6 years, it will no longer work. For proper disposal you would need to contact your local solid waste department, as disposal will differ from location to location.

How do I know if my dog ate snail bait?

Signs of slug bait poisoning in dogs Drooling and panting. Wobbliness or appearing drunk. Muscle tremors. Convulsions.

Is snail bait harmful to dogs?

What is metaldehyde poisoning? Poisoning occurs when pets eat metaldehyde-containing slug/snail bait off the ground or from the storage container. Dogs, cats, birds, and other wildlife can all be affected by metaldehyde. Metaldehyde may cause signs of poisoning even when very small amounts are ingested.

How much snail bait will kill a dog?

Snail bait is highly toxic and even small amounts are enough to cause poisoning in dogs: less than a teaspoon per 10 pounds of body weight can cause life-threatening clinical signs in your pet. Snail bait can hurt dogs and can be fatal.

What do I do if my dog eats snail bait?

What to do if your dog eats snail bait. If your pet has ingested snail bait (or even if you just think there is a slight possibility your pet has ingested snail bait), you should seek veterinary advice immediately. Bring the packaging with you if you can so your veterinarian knows what was ingested.

Is snail bait toxic to dogs?

How do I get rid of snails permanently?

Lay down grit – Many gritty substances make effective snail repellents. Gritty substances will cut the body of the snail, which will lead to it being injured. Crushed eggshells, sand or diatomaceous earth sprinkled around plants that the garden snails seem to prefer will deter and eventually kill these pests.

How do you permanently get rid of slugs?

How to get rid of slugs:

  1. Get plants on side.
  2. Remove shelter & encourage beneficial wildlife.
  3. Make a beer trap.
  4. Create a prickly barrier.
  5. Create a slippery barrier.
  6. Lay down copper tape.
  7. Place a lure.
  8. Apply nematodes to soil.

How long does it take for slugs to die after eating snail bait?

After eating the bait, slugs and snails cease feeding, become less mobile and begin to die within 3 to 6 days. This product will control slugs and snails in or on home lawns, gardens, greenhouses, outdoor ornamentals, vegetable gardens, fruits, berries, citrus and crop plants.

How often should I use hi yield improved Slug and snail bait?

It would take several bags every couple of weeks. Hi-Yield Improved Slug and Snail Bait is a pelleted bait for soil surface treatment in home vegetable gardens, turfgrass lawns, and around ornamentals, fruit trees, and berries. Each 1 lb bag will treat approximately 4,400 sq ft so a 2.5 lb. bag covers 11,000 sq. ft.

Where can I put Slug and snail bait?

The bait can be scattered on the lawn or on the soil around any vegetable plants, flowers or fruit trees or bushes where snail or slug control is needed. This product can be used around pets and wildlife.

What kind of snail bait can a dog eat?

Snail bait is commonly formulated in pellets and flavored with molasses or bran to attract snails, and unfortunately is attractive to dogs as well. Very little snail bait is required to cause poisoning (less than a teaspoon per 10 pounds of body weight). Toggle navigation Home