What does milk thistle do for dogs liver?

What does milk thistle do for dogs liver?

Milk thistle itself is a powerful antioxidant that can help to defend against disease-causing free radical cells and prevents the oxidization of healthy cells. The anti-inflammatory properties of milk thistle for dogs can reduce inflammation in the liver.

Is milk thistle good for dogs with high liver enzymes?

Milk thistle may be beneficial to dogs with liver problems. Silymarin is the part of the plant that has the beneficial properties. Milk thistle supplements for dogs comes in capsules, liquid, or powder forms. While milk thistle supplements may benefit a dog’s liver, they won’t cure diseases.

Is milk thistle harmful to dogs?

Milk thistle appears to be a safe and well-tolerated herb for animals. Side effects are usually mild and often involve the gastrointestinal tract, such as loose stools or mild digestive upsets.

Can you give a dog too much milk thistle?

Milk thistle – the side effects If given too often and at too high a dose, milk thistle can also actually cause liver damage and suppress function. This is one of the primary reasons this supplement should not be given to health dogs, but rather only to dogs who have existing liver problems.

How long does it take for milk thistle to start working?

How Long Does Milk Thistle Take to Work. There isn’t an exact science behind this, but generally it can take around 3 to 4 months before someone will see any benefits of milk thistle on their health, and this is after daily intake of some form of milk thistle.

Does milk thistle cleanse the liver?

Consider using a potent milk thistle extract to protect and detox the liver. This fantastic natural herb helps young persons maintain liver health. And after age 40, the detox power of the liver slows down. So regardless of age, milk thistle aids with prevention as well as repair.

Is milk thistle safe for dogs with liver disease?

Milk thistle is one of the best-known and most often used herbs for humans and pets with liver disease. Only a few conventional medications are available for this condition. Supplementing with milk thistle may be useful for pets with liver problems. The scientific name for the milk thistle plant is Silybum marianum.

Is milk thistle safe for kidneys?

Research has shown milk thistle has a protective effect on the liver and similar findings have been seen in studies involving kidney function. Silymarin promotes cell regeneration in the kidneys, just as in the liver. It also appears to protect kidney cells from damage and hinders the inflammatory response in tissue.

Which is the best milk thistle for dogs?

Milk thistle for dogs is becoming a popular choice for pet owners wanting a natural treatment for liver diseases. In this article we are going to cover the causes of liver disease in dogs and why milk thistle for dogs is a viable and effective treatment for liver disease.

Can a dog get chronic hepatitis from milk thistle?

Inflammation – Inflammation usually occurs as a result of one of the above, but physical damage or injury can also lead to inflammation of the liver. As inflammation progresses, it can cause disease. Often, this is simply referred to as ‘chronic hepatitis’. How is Milk Thistle for Dogs Helpful?

What kind of disease can milk thistle treat?

So you can see that milk thistle is a great and very effective herb in treating dogs with liver problems and related diseases, such as: (One liver disease that milk thistle is not effective in treating is advanced liver cirrhosis.) Dogs with Cushing’s disease has high levels of cortisol circulating in the blood.

How does milk thistle help dogs with Cushing’s disease?

In fact, dogs with Cushing’s disease usually have elevated liver enzymes (ALT and ALP). And if they are not treated in a timely fashion, very often they will develop liver disease down the road. To help support the liver, dogs suffering from Cushing’s can benefit greatly if supplemented with milk thistle.

How much milk thistle to give to a dog?

Milk Thistle Dosage. Because the amount of milk thistle per capsule varies according to brand, only your vet can recommend the exact dosage for your dog. However, as a general guidance, the recommended dosage is 75 to 100 mg for every 10 pounds of body weight once a day, according to the Winrock Animal Clinic in Houston, Texas.

Where to buy milk thistle for dogs?

Milk thistle for dogs for sale is readily available at local food and general stores like Walgreens . You can also order online on Amazon. The only problem, however, is that OTC milk thistle is usually sold in capsule form which is not great for canine use.

Can milk thistle be given to dogs?

Milk thistle appears to be very safe for dogs. The only apparent side effects associated with taking this herb are upset stomach, mild diarrhea and excess gas.