How big is an average sheltie?

How big is an average sheltie?

Female: 7.3 – 9.1 kg
Male: 7.3 – 9.1 kg

How much should a 7 month Sheltie weigh?

Sheltie Puppy Weight Chart

Age Weight in lbs Weight in kg
6 months 11 lbs – 20 lbs 5 kg – 9 kg
7 months 12 lbs – 22 lbs 5.5 kg – 10 kg
8 months 12.5 lbs – 23 lbs 5.7 kg – 10.5 kg
9 Months 13 lbs – 23.5 lbs 6 kg – 10.7 kg

Can a Sheltie put on a lot of weight?

Shelties as a breed can easily put on weight, so we have to be careful with this and strictly monitor their food if they are getting plump. Otherwise it can put undue strain on their limbs (especially with pups) and their hearts as they get older.

How big should a 6 month old Sheltie be?

We have a member here with a Sheltie that weight 34 lbs when overweight it weight was 54 lbs. If your dog don’t like over weight (@ birds eye view will be able to see the stomach getting skinnery right after the rib cage) then you just probably have a larger Sheltie because at 6 months it is not fully grown yet.

How big does a Shetland collie dog get?

The breeders of Scotland Island began to realize that the working dog breed was disappearing in 1900. This made them take steps to reintroduce Collie crosses. They started to become popular as Shetland Collie. Weight: Shelties usually weigh around 11 to 24 pounds (5-10 kgs).

How big do Fergus and Baxter Shelties get?

There is a huge variation of size in shelties. Fergus is on the small end at 13″ and Baxter is at the large end at 18.5″. The proper weight for your sheltie is dependant on height and bone structure.

Is there a weight chart for a Sheltie?

The chart for the site barb sent you is also the sheltie bible for growing them out!! Im not sure what part of the country you are in but I may suggest going to local shows and talking to breeders/handlers there, See if anyone is interested in becoming a mentor to you.

How big should a 4 month old Sheltie be?

Generally speaking, female dogs are slightly smaller and weigh less than male dogs. At 4 months, the low average weight dogs will weigh 8 pounds and the high average weight dogs will weigh around 15 pounds. By 7 months, both the low average weight dogs and the bigger dogs will have doubled their weight.

How tall is Bacca and how much does Sheltie weigh?

It’s not absolute because you do need to take into consideration other factors. For instance, by two 1 year olds are both the same height at the whithers, give or take. But Bacca is long in neck, longer in body, bigger bones and weighs about 6 pounds more than Indy.

Is the Sheltie a good breed of dog?

If you are in search of a dog that loves to have a job, then pick Sheltie. These are a breed of highly intelligent dogs, capable of following a new command in 95% of the cases.