Why were giant pandas becoming endangered?

Why were giant pandas becoming endangered?

Giant pandas first became endangered in 1990 due to excessive poaching in the 80s and deforestation, depleting their bamboo food source. A fickle species, bamboo can grow extensively in mountainous or barren lands, but then dies in the winter. This forces giant pandas in those areas to relocate for their food.

Why are the pandas in China being endangered?

What causes giant pandas to be endangered? Habitat Loss. In China, where do giant pandas live, there is a strong force of modernization. This modernization causes invasion of the dwelling places of the giant pandas. They will build infrastructures at the expense of the giant panda habitat. Adapting Difficulties

Why is the panda habitat getting smaller and smaller?

With all of these factors, the panda habitat is being divided into tiny sections, which is a process known as fragmentation. This has been happening since 1990, around the time when pandas were actually declared endangered. Unfortunately, the panda habitat is smaller now more than ever, even more than when they were endangered.

Why are there so many pandas in the world?

These numbers reflect a total of 2,264‬ giant pandas in the world now. On the other hand, their relative animals called red pandas are now enlisted as endangered species. This is due to their declining population in the wild.

Is the panda on the brink of extinction?

The good news is that giant panda numbers are increasing. Slowly but surely this remarkable species is edging away from the brink of extinction – thanks to a host of successful conservation projects.

What is being done to protect giant pandas?

The most important work to save the giant panda is to protect their habitat . Without this, pandas could only survive in captivity. To protect giant panda’s habitat, China government has set 13 panda nature reserve areas. In the areas, farming fields have been left to grow back as forest.

Why should we save the giant panda?

We should do everything we can to save the giant panda because we are the ones that have driven it to the edge of extinction. And because we can. But pandas also play a crucial role in China’s bamboo forests by spreading seeds and helping the vegetation to grow. So by saving pandas, we will also be saving so much more.

How do you save the giant panda?

How to Help Protect Giant Pandas Method 1 of 3: Giving to Conservation Efforts. Donate to a conservation organization. Method 2 of 3: Encouraging Others to Protect Pandas. Tell others about protecting giant pandas. Spread the word about panda preservation. Method 3 of 3: Protecting the Environment. Travel in vehicles less often.

What species of pandas are extinct?

Red pandas are currently endangered due to deforestation, illegal trade of live animals, predation by domestic dogs, and killing for its pelt . They have gone extinct in two of the Chinese provinces which were deemed to be the hub of red pandas.