Is a small heart murmur bad?

Is a small heart murmur bad?

Heart murmurs can be harmless (innocent) or abnormal. An innocent heart murmur is not a sign of heart disease and doesn’t need treatment. Abnormal heart murmurs require follow-up testing to determine the cause.

Is it normal for a Chihuahua to have a heart murmur?

A heart murmur is a common Chihuahua health issue that can be corrected by your veterinarian and that is more common with Chihuahuas that are bred for long life. Here are a few tips to help determine the Chihuahua heart murmur symptoms. Chihuahuas that are born with a mild heart murmur may not show any symptoms.

Is there such thing as innocent heart murmurs?

It may be caused by a related heart problem, but often there is no cause at all. Heart murmurs are quite common in children. They are sometimes described as ‘innocent’ heart murmurs. This is because they are usually harmless and not caused by a problem with the heart.

What kind of heart disease does a Chihuahua have?

Heart disease in chihuahuas is common, they can suffer from a condition called mitral valve disease, also known as chronic valvular disease. This can affect several small dog breeds like dachshunds and toy poodles.

What are the different types of heart murmurs?

There are two types of heart murmurs: innocent murmurs and abnormal murmurs. A person with an innocent murmur has a normal heart. This type of heart murmur is common in newborns and children.

How old is Bambi the Chihuahua with heart murmur?

Bambi’s heart murmur was never a problem and both the 15 yr. old and 11 yr. old (who were seemingly on their last legs) found new life and energy here in Florida with my 90 yr. old dad and I had them on Blue Buffalo (before the recalls, as they assured us they only used human grade ingredients). Even their treats were only Blue.

What does a Chihuahua heart murmur sound like?

When a dog makes a sound like a cough, it is generally referred to as a ‘cough’. These sounds are related to the lungs but there is another part of the body that makes these sounds. In the case of the Chihuahua Heart Murmur, it is the upper chest.

Which is the least serious heart murmur in a dog?

Another tool veterinarians use to help diagnose the cause of the murmur is grading. Heart murmurs in dogs are graded on a scale of one to six. Grade I murmurs are the least serious and are barely detectable with a stethoscope.

Can a heart murmur be an innocent murmur?

Heart murmurs sound serious, and often are, but sometimes a heart murmur is classified as an innocent heart murmur. These heart murmurs are not serious and often resolve with time.