Which is the best Boerboel in the world?

Which is the best Boerboel in the world?

The South African Boerboel is also one of the agilest breeds in the mastiff world, nowadays we see a stronger boerboel emerging but still it is an agile dog with extreme power. why go for less? The South African Boerboel can be highly trusted with its tracking abilities – one of the most striking ability this dog has.

What kind of health issues do Boerboel have?

Below, we have listed some more or less common health issues that can be found within the breed. Hip Dysplasia is a defect where the hip joint has developed incorrectly, which means that the hip socket is too shallow. This can cause cartilage damage and bone burdening (arthritis).

What kind of dog is a Boerboel dog?

The Boerboel is a huge dog with a solid bone structure and well-developed muscles. It is a massive mastiff-like breed with a blocky, broad, square head and a flat skull. This breed of dogs is known for its ugliness and physical strength, though their qualities are a little toned down in the females.

Do you have to test Boerboel for allergies?

Usually, Boerboel are not tested for allergies prior to breeding, but only if allergies are suspected. It is always important that you contact your breeder if your puppy is diagnosed with allergies. The breeder needs that information to evaluate his breeding plan and can contact other puppy buyers from that litter.

Are there any health problems with Boerboel dogs?

Although generally a healthy breed, the Boerboel is prone to hip and elbow dysplasia. This is quite common in very large breeds of dogs. Eye problems such as Entropion and Ectropion have also been found in the breed. The Boerboel is predisposed to gastric dilation and volvulus, commonly referred to as bloat.

What do you need to know about training a Boerboel?

Every member of the family must continuously be seen as above the Boerboel in the dog’s mind. Training can help do this. All training should be done using positive methods and a treat based reward system. Harshness or manhandling the Boerboel will only lead to resentment and aggression.

What kind of gait does a Boerboel have?

Typically this affects the dog’s gait, often causing a peculiar goose-step motion with the front legs and wobbliness of the back legs. Cervical spondylopathy is most common in large breed dogs, such as the Great Dane or Mastiff, making it most likely that the Boerboel acquired this trait for distant ancestors.

What kind of skin does a Boerboel dog have?

With thick and loose skin and a short, shiny coat, there is no mistake that this breed is a Mastiff style of dog. The skin pigment should be dark in color. Although fawn, red and brown are the most commonly seen colors in the Boerboel, Piebald, brindle and Irish marked is also acceptable within the breed.