Can you take good photos of a horse?

Can you take good photos of a horse?

Taking great photos of horses is tough! After a long hot day spent at a horse show, many amateur photographers come home with a memory card full of blurry, poorly timed, and dull looking photos. We spoke with a professional horse photographer to find seven tips that will help you take amazing horse photos that will ‘Wow’ your friends.

Do you need a flash for horse photography?

Amanda also recommends that you mute any beeping noises on your camera and NEVER use a flash for horse photography. “On-board camera flash that is built in will generally ruin any photo that had a chance of being decent.

What’s the rule of thirds in horse photography?

“There is also a photography ‘rule of thirds’ that basically explains the scene can be cut into thirds up and down and side to side. Balancing the image within the thirds helps to tell the story.” For movement photos, take your photos from the front and at a slight angle so you can catch the horse’s chest and the rider’s face. 4.

Which is the best lens for horse photography?

Standard lenses have an angle of view of around 50 to 55 degrees diagonally. They also tend to have wide-open apertures, making them great for low light and shallow depth of field. An awesome standard focal length is the 50mm. Telephoto lenses are another must-have for your horse photography kit.

Where is the best place to photograph a horse?

For horse photographers, it is common to be photographing within a barn or stables. Not all horses are comfortable in new environments. Also, not all owners have trailers, and not everyone lives on a large nature property. This is where your adaptability and creativity comes into play.

What do you need to know as a horse owner?

Horses are large gorgeous animals and liked by many people. As a horse owner, you must be conversant about the horse diseases that are very common. A healthy horse is most desirable to the horse owner and fit for any purpose. The knowing of health issues is more important to take adequate care of your horse.

When is the best time to take photos of horses?

If you’re a beginner horse photographer, try to avoid using flash. Use natural light when possible. You can take the best photos during the morning and just around sunrise. If you have to use flash, always ask the horse owner/rider first. Some horses are used to flashes because of the competitions or photo shoots they attended.

What makes a good picture of a horse?

As much as full body or portrait photographs are wonderful, don’t overlook the details. The awesome thing about photography is to capture something that goes otherwise unnoticed. An image of a horse’s eye, bridle detail, or ear can be just as unique and interesting. This allows the viewer to see life from an otherwise ignored perspective.