What does it mean to say at your earliest convenience?

What does it mean to say at your earliest convenience?

Additionally, “At your earliest convenience” also is a polite way of making a request or order. “At your earliest convenience” can be seen as a literal way of saying “please do this as soon as it’s practical or easy for you to”.

How to get earliest and latest project dates?

This example shows how to retrieve the earliest and latest dates associated with a project. In the example shown, the formulas in H5 and I5 are: where “data” is an Excel table as shown, and project names in column G match those column B. Note: MINIFS and MAXIFS are available only in Excel 365 and Excel 2019.

How to get the earliest start date in Excel?

To get the earliest start date, we use: = MINIFS(data [ Start ], data [ Project ], G5) // earliest date Here, MINIFS returns the minimum value in the Start column where the project is equal to “Omega” (from cell G5). Since Excel dates are just numbers, the minimum date is the same as the earliest date.

Can a task be preempted in the earliest deadline first algorithm?

In EDF, any executing task can be preempted if any other periodic instance with an earlier deadline is ready for execution and becomes active. Preemption is allowed in the Earliest Deadline First scheduling algorithm.

How long has it been since life first appeared on Earth?

Billions of years have passed since the time Earth’s first life originated. The rocks containing signs of early life, Djokic says, “have been deformed, and metamorphosed by heat, stress, and hydrothermal alteration and then subject to billions of years of weathering processes” such as erosion. And there aren’t many of them left exposed.

How old was you when you had your first memory?

This may sound weird but my first verifiable memory was the layout of a house I lived in when I was a year old in Rochester, N.Y. I asked my parents about it one day because we moved around a lot and I could remember the house layout but basically nothing else.

Which is the earliest possible stage of planning?

Operators have a legitimate interest in receiving this information at the earliest possible stage. This information should be available at the earliest possible stage. The planning procedure should commence at the earliest possible stage. Panels should be convened at the earliest possible point to support a specific evaluation.

How are scientists searching for signs of early life?

The search for the signs of early life, what experts call biosignatures, often focuses on four different lines of evidence, says University of New South Wales astrobiologist Tara Djokic. The first kind of evidence is relatively large and can be seen with the naked eye, such as the stromatolites.