How do you read Diastix results?

How do you read Diastix results?

How to read the test results. Look at the Glucose Color Chart and the Ketone Color Chart on the bottle. Use the top marker on the strip to compare the results of glucose to the boxes found on the Keto-Diastix bottle. Read this result at exactly 30 seconds.

How do you use Keto-Diastix for dogs?

The best way to get a sample may be by holding the keto-diastix in the urine stream while your pet is urinating, but if he/she has urinated on the floor, the keto-diastix may be placed directly into the urine to obtain a sample. Make sure that urine covers both squares on the stick.

What does Keto-Diastix test for?

The Keto-Diastix from Bayer contain 50 strips to test for glucose and ketones in the urine. GlucoRx ketone test strips contain 50 strips to test for ketones in the urine.

Can you test a dogs urine for diabetes?

The Petnostics Test Strips are a line of strips that allow pet parents to monitor chronic conditions. The Diabetes Test Strips will assess your dog’s or cat’s urine for Glucose and Ketone abnormalities. Simply collect your pet’s urine in a cup or midstream and wet the strip.

When is the best time to test ketones in urine?

In summary, our results suggest that urine testing for ketosis in the scope of monitoring compliance with a KD in adults is best done in the early morning urine and several hours after dinner late in the evening.

Do you test your blood sugar before or after you eat?

Testing too soon after you’ve had a meal or a snack will give you results that are probably too high. The solution for better diabetes control: Test fasting blood sugar, and test every time before you eat. Wait two hours after eating to get the best reading.

Should dogs have ketones in urine?

A dog who appears healthy or has minimal symptoms can present with high serum glucose and ketones in the urine. Often, the treatment for mild DKA is regular insulin therapy in the form of injections of short-acting insulin to get the serum glucose levels back in order.

What time of day are ketones highest?

Ketone Testing for Ketogenic Diets If you have normal blood glucose, your blood ketones may be the highest in the morning after your overnight fast. However, many people report that their ketones rise over the course of the day.

What color is your pee when in ketosis?

Ketone urine strips are dipped into urine and turn various shades of pink or purple depending on the level of ketones present. A darker color reflects higher ketone levels.

Can a diabetic pet be on a keto Diastix?

For diabetic pet owners using the glucose side of the Keto-Diastix your color chart will look like the upper row of colors as pictured here. Do not use the lower colors as those are for ketones which is not of use for us at this time.

Can a keto Diastix be used for a urine test?

Even though I blood test my cats I still urine test with a Keto-Diastix whenever the opportunity presents itself, just to make sure that ketones aren’t building up. The more things you can do for peace of mind, the better. Using the Keto-Diastix is simplicity itself.

Where can I get Diastix for my Dog?

If you are not able to locate the Diastix, pick up a bottle of Keto-Diastix, also available at Walgreen’s and you will only be using the glucose side of the strip not the ketone side. The outside of the Diastix bottle does not have readings that match the values of -2, -1.

How to check for ketones in dogs urine?

Remove one test strip and fully immerse in urine to ensure all pads are soaked. Immediately remove the test strip and tap to remove excess urine. Read the result after the time specified on the dipstick bottle. Hold the stick against the chart on the dipstick container to compare colors. Record the results.

For diabetic pet owners using the glucose side of the Keto-Diastix your color chart will look like the upper row of colors as pictured here. Do not use the lower colors as those are for ketones which is not of use for us at this time.

How to monitor your dog’s glucose and ketones?

Monitoring Urine Glucose & Ketones 1 Tracking Diabetes in Your Dog’s Urine. Immediately following diagnosis, your veterinarian may ask you to check your pet’s urine to monitor glucose and ketones. 2 Collecting Urine. As treatment progresses, less frequent testing will be needed. 3 Using Urine Dipsticks. 4 Tracking Tools & Resources.

Is the urine sugar Diastix accurate for diabetic pets?

The urine sugar Diastix readings are actually very accurate for diabetic pets. In fact, before home blood monitors became available they were used exclusively for owners to monitor sugar levels and insulin dosages. Today Diabetes is Big Business!

How to test for diabetes in a dog?

Urine Testing for Diabetes in Dogs Urine testing for diabetes in dogs can be done at home as a simple and inexpensive method of monitoring a dog’s diabetes. It is based on the premise that excessive amounts of glucose are filtered by the kidneys from the blood into the urine once the renal threshold (180 mg/dl) is reached.