What kind of problems does a Tibetan Spaniel have?

What kind of problems does a Tibetan Spaniel have?

These are not Tibetan Spaniel traits, but what is known as Small Dog Syndrome, human induced behaviors, where the dog believes it is the boss of the home. As soon as the humans take the control away from the dog, the behaviors will subside. Prone to respiratory problems and heatstroke.

What kind of coat does a Tibetan Spaniel have?

There is feathering between the toes that often hangs out over the feet. The coat comes in all colors, solid, multi-colored or shaded, including fawn, red, gold, cream, white, black and black and tan, often with white markings on the feet. The Tibetan Spaniel is cheerful, happy, charming, very clever and trusting.

When was the Tibetan Spaniel introduced to England?

The dogs worked turning the prayer wheel for their masters and also as watchdogs in Tibetan monasteries. They would sit up on the high walls and bark at anything they believed didn’t belong. The breed was first introduced to England in the late 1800s. It was recognized by the AKC in 1983. Group Herding, AKC Non-Sporting Recognition

Can a Tibetan Spaniel be a pack leader?

Tibetan Spaniels can be slightly difficult to train. If you allow this dog to be pack leaderover humans, he can become overprotective, may not be trustworthy with children and reserved with strangers. He may become stubborn and sometimes dog aggressive.

What should I look for in a Tibetan Spaniel?

Accept that he’ll be sharing your furniture. He is in charge, after all. When you look at a Tibetan Spaniel, you should see a dog with a rectangular body covered in a silky double coat, dark-brown oval-shaped eyes, medium-size ears that hang down and are well feathered, and a plumed tail that curls over the back, falling to one side.

Where does the Tibetan Spaniel breed come from?

Origin This breed originated in Tibet. It is descended from dogs from China and other Buddhist countries. The Tibetan Spaniel is considered an ancient breed, being that there is evidence of its existence over 2000 years ago. Most small Asian dogs are believed to be descended from the Tibbie.

How often does a Tibetan spaniel go into heat?

Unlike most other breeds, the Tibetan Spaniel dam tends to only go into heat once a year. Grooming Comb and brush the coat regularly. While this breed is an average shedder all year round, the coat comes out in clumps once a year. Origin This breed originated in Tibet. It is descended from dogs from China and other Buddhist countries.

How old do you have to be to train a Tibetan Spaniel?

Even at 10 weeks old, he is capable of soaking up everything you can teach him. Never wait until he is 6 months old to begin training or you will have a headstrong adult dog to deal with. If possible, get him into puppy kindergarten class by the time he is 10 to 12 weeks old, and socialize, socialize, socialize.