What would a lump on my dogs neck be?

What would a lump on my dogs neck be?

These salivary gland cysts are known as sialocele (or a salivary mucocele). It is the most common salivary disorder in dogs and is noticed by swelling under their neck or jaw. It is most frequently seen in dogs, but it sometimes can affect cats as well.

Why is my dogs skin turning dark?

Hyperpigmentation is a darkening and thickening of the skin seen in dogs. Secondary hyperpigmentation is relatively common and can occur in any breed of dog, most commonly those breeds prone to obesity, hormonal abnormalities, allergies, contact dermatitis, and skin infections.

What kind of skin problems does a Sheltie have?

Shelties also have a genetic predisposition to a disease called Dermatomyositis. These dogs have skin lesions on their faces and or paws and muscle loss in their facial muscles. If you are noticing anything like this or your dog’s skin isn’t clearing up it’s time for an exam by her veterinarian.

Where does a lump on a dog’s neck come from?

These are a little like pimples in that they occur when skin becomes blocked. These cysts are normally found around the dog’s hair follicles or directly within the skin’s pores. Do not lance or pinch it. When you squeeze a pimple, you end up pushing some of the pus back inside the skin tissue where it can form another pocket.

Why does my Sheltie have a hot spot on her ear?

These lesions sound like hot spots. Hot spots usually occur because a dog is licking, chewing or scratching her itchy skin or ears because of allergies (inhaled or food) or because of matted, wet hair against her skin.

What kind of lumps can you get on your neck?

Non-cancerous lumps such as thyroid nodules, cysts and benign tumours. Thyroid cancer. Your parathyroid glands are situated next to your thyroid, and occasionally lumps can come from these glands too. All sorts of lumps and bumps can come from the skin on your neck, including: Acne with boils or carbuncles. Skin tags. Sebaceous cysts. Abscesses.

When did I find a lump on my neck?

Lump found on neck. Terrified, Please help! Found my way to this forum as I’m very concearned about a lump on my neck. A little back story to myself and where I’m at ; My dad suddenly passed away in december 17 and ever since then I have had really bad anxiety about my health.

What kind of dog has a lump on top of its forelimb?

They are often seen in middle aged, overweight female or older dogs and tend to appear on the belly and upper legs. Lipomas are usually seen in Schnauzers, Labs, Dobermans and mixed breeds. It is rare for a lipoma to be cancerous. Sometimes they will develop at the top of a forelimb, making it difficult for the dog to run or walk.

When did I find a lump on my Shoulder?

Around about 3 months ago while at the doctors I showed her a small lump ( bump ) on my shoulder which I was stressing over, she told me it was most likely little bit of fat and not to worry.