How much Benadryl can a 60 pound dog have?

How much Benadryl can a 60 pound dog have?

Benadryl dosage for dogs. According to the Merck Veterinary Manual, the safe dosage is 2-4 milligrams of medication per kilogram of weight, or 0.9 to 1.8 milligrams per pound. This amount can be administered two to three times daily, depending on your dog’s symptoms.

How many 25mg Benadryl can I give my 50lb dog?

by If your dog weighs 25 lbs (11.3 kg) the dose of Benadryl would be 22.6mg to 45.2mg up to three times a day. Benadryl tablets are available in 25mg and 50mg strength. If you were using the Benadryl 25mg tablet you could give 1 to 2 tablets up to three times day.

How often should I give my Dog Benadryl?

Just like she got last night, you can give your dog Benadryl. They get a milligram per pound every – say 8 hours. And – but when the hives are this bad, sometimes they need anti – not antimox, they need steroids.

What are the warning signs of Benadryl for dogs?

Other warning signs to watch for are: 1 Rapid heartbeat. 2 Dilated pupils. 3 Agitation. 4 Constipation. 5 Seizures.

When to give Benadryl to a dog with heart failure?

If your dog has any of the following conditions, only use Benadryl after consulting your veterinarian: Angle closure glaucoma. Severe heart failure. Prostatic hypertrophy. Bladder neck obstruction. Seizure disorders. Hypertension. Allergic lung disease.

How is Benadryl used to treat skin allergies in dogs?

Benadryl is commonly used to treat itchiness in dogs caused by skin allergies, and it also reduces many of the other symptoms of allergies, including: 1 Itching 2 Hives 3 Swelling and inflammation 4 Redness 5 Runny nose and eyes 6 Coughing 7 Sneezing 8 Anaphylactic reaction

How much Benadryl should I give my Dog Benadryl?

The easy (and less precise) way to determine this is to put your dog into one of three categories: 30 lbs and smaller – give 10 mg per dose 30-50 lbs – give 25 mg per dose 50 lbs and over – give 50 mg per dose

Do dogs tolerate Benedryl?

While Benadryl is generally well tolerated by dogs and has a wide safety margin, it’s not necessarily the answer to your dog’s issue. Benadryl can interact with other medications that your pet may be on (such as anticoagulants and other depressants for the nervous system), making it pertinent to speak with a vet prior to administering.

How often to give Benadryl to a dog?

Dose the dog correctly. Generally, you give a milligram per pound of dog. You can give it every 8 hours or so. So if your dog weighs 14 pounds, you can give 14 milligrams of Benadryl every 8 hours.

Is it safe to give a dog Benadryl?

Benadryl contains the antihistamine diphenhydramine . Generally speaking, Benadryl is safe but there are conditions where it might be dangerous to give this medication to your dog. these conditions include dogs with glaucoma, with some urinary problems, with some causes of vomiting, heart disease and high blood pressure,…