What does it mean when your cat is swollen?

What does it mean when your cat is swollen?

Organ enlargement: An increase in size of one or more abdominal organs can cause the abdomen to appear distended. Organ enlargement is often a sign of underlying illness such as infectious disease, inflammation, tumor, neoplasia and other conditions.

Why does my cat have swelling on his leg?

If your cat has swelling on the leg, then it is likely there is something more seriously wrong with it. The swelling is generally caused by one of two things: Infection: when an infection is present, the body’s immune response kicks in and send antibodies to the infection site.

What are the symptoms of fluid retention in cats legs?

Symptoms. Fluid retention in the leg produces symptoms such as swelling of the leg and distortion of the leg’s shape. Painfulness or tenderness of the leg is common. The leg may be sensitive to the touch. Cats may refuse or be unable to walk on the swollen legs and may cry out in pain, hiss or growl as a result of using their legs.

What to do if your cat’s paw is swollen?

Soothe your cat’s paw with a mixture of baking soda and water. Create a paste and leave this on your cat’s leg for a few minutes. Once you wash it off, the cat should be more comfortable. For prolonged swelling, soak your cat’s leg in an oat bath.

What causes a cat to hurt its front leg?

There is a variety of injuries that can cause trauma to the front leg, and they are as varied as the signs your cat can present. Some of the more common ailments include: A few things more commonly cause injuries to a cat’s front leg. Some can be extremely severe, while others can be treated rather easily.

Why is my cat limping all of a sudden?

If your cat started limping all of a sudden, then it would it should raise some alarm. Limping is most probably caused by damaged muscles, joints, damaged skin or even nerves. If your starts limping and there is no evidence of injury, then it would be prudent to monitor it for a day or two,…

What causes sudden swollen face in cats?

Some of the causes include: Allergic reaction Dental abscess Facial trauma Insect/snake bite Muscle inflammation Inflamed salivary glands Acetaminophen poisoning Cancer Hematoma Infection

What causes cat to go limp with its back legs?

The pet can show such symptom as limping on its hind leg for a great variety of reasons, and not all of them are visible on the face of it: Intra-Articular Fracture; Closed Dislocation; Strained Ligaments; Bone Fracture; Closed Wound; Joint Pathology; Joint Arthritis or Arthrosis; Lumbar Region Injury.