When was the Weimaraner dog recognized by the AKC?

When was the Weimaraner dog recognized by the AKC?

The Weimaraner was recognized by the AKC in 1943.

Can a grey Weimaraner be rehomed in the UK?

Each dog and applicant is assessed on a case by case basis. There are numerous reasons why dogs are rehomed and we want to ensure that each Blue or Grey Weimaraner surrendered to us for rehoming is placed with the best applicant; one that will invest in the dog’s specific training and needs.

Can a Weimaraner be a good family pet?

Weimaraners are excellent with kids and yearn to be full-fledged family members. Easy grooming, trainability, a loving nature, and a can-do-attitude make them excellent pets, as long as owners are committed to keeping them physically active and mentally engaged.

Are there any rescue organisations for Blue Weimaraners?

As such there are no specific rescue or rehoming organisations for the Blues, as there are for the Greys. Owners were being forced to use general rescue organisations or use social media advertising to rehome their unwanted Blue Weimaraners, meaning many of these stunning dogs were being rehomed inappropriately and ultimately being left vulnerable.

Where can I find Weimaraner dogs for adoption?

Oakley – Weimaraner Dog For Adoption Posted Breed: Weimaraner. Oakley, age 8, Silver Gray, Female Weimaraner, natural tail, 60 pounds, fostered in Dallas, Texas. Oakley is a friendly dog who loves people, enjoys… View more… Find your perfect puppy! Ring in your 4th of July with a new puppy! AKC registered weimaraner puppies!

How old are the parents of a Weimaraner?

Mother is a beautiful tri-color female and father is a gorgeous deep chocolate tri-color. Both male and female are very small dogs and should produce… This boy is really amazing. Just look at his parents. Bright, Active and healthy boy is looking new home. Silver and silver gray , vet checked and docked, 6 days old. Parents on premises.

How old is Sairee the Weimaraner when she was adopted?

Sairee was adopted by us when she was about 1 and it’s important to find her the right home second time round. She very very intelligent so learns quickly when she has the motivation (food), but this can also make her a challenge. But when she has everything she needs she is well behaved and relaxed.

How can I get my Weimaraner into a good home?

Both organisations have volunteers who will assess dogs to enable them to be placed in the right home, as homes are also assessed. There is no cost to you for this service. Please go to a reputable rescue and get them to rehome your dog. please please don’t offer her as free to good home , take her to a good rescue center .