What should I do if my Shih Tzu has a lump?

What should I do if my Shih Tzu has a lump?

Using a needle no larger than the size of a vaccination needle along with some gentle suction, your vet will remove a smattering of cells from the growth. These cells are then spit out onto a glass slide and evaluated under the microscope. Some cytology interpretations are a slam-dunk, and can readily be interpreted by your family vet.

Is the tumor on my Shih Tzu benign?

The good news is that most cutaneous and subcutaneous canine tumors are benign. It’s that small population of malignant masses that keeps us on our toes.

What’s the average life span of a Shih Tzu?

The Shih Tzu breed’s entire existence is to love and be loved and make wonderful companions for any home. Shih Tzu’s are known for their longevity as they live on average anywhere from 10-16 years. Even though they are traditionally a pretty healthy dog breed, Shih Tzu’s are prone to a few health issues.

What kind of health problems does a Shih Tzu have?

1 Keratitis. 2 Proptosis. 3 Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) This disease occurs when the photoreceptors in the back of the eye begins to fail. 4 Hip Dysplasia. 5 Allergies. 6 Ear Infections. 7 Collapsing Trachea. 8 Intervertebral Disk Disease. 9 Patellar Luxation. 10 Stenotic Nares. …

Where to look for a lump on a Shih Tzu?

These are most common in the lymph node areas of the body, which can be found under the jawline and throat, among other places. Any unusual bump or lump on your dog needs to be monitored. If there is no change after a few days, schedule a visit with your vet.

Do you know the signs of aging a Shih Tzu?

One mistake that Shih Tzus owners make is failing to see the signs of agining in their dogs. By understanding a dog’s aging process and signs to look out for, you will be able to discover health issues earlier so you can seek treatment for your pet, giving him or her the longest, healthiest life possible.

How can you tell if your Shih Tzu has cancer?

Ten Early Signs that Your Shih Tzu May have Cancer. Cancer can affect your Shih Tzu just like it affects humans. And just like humans, the early signs of cancer may be difficult to spot or diagnose. Cancer is more common in older dogs, although it can also develop in younger dogs and puppies on rare occasions.

When did my Shih Tzu go to the vet?

He has not been to a vet in about 13 years. He had no other issues and has been a carefree dog. He also has not had any accidents in the house for years. Please let me know your thoughts.