How much does a miniature long haired dachshund cost?

How much does a miniature long haired dachshund cost?

A long haired Dachshund will cost between $300-2000 depending on their color and size (miniature or standard). The good news is that they are recognized by the AKC, so you can use their puppy finder to find breeders that have been screened by the AKC and follow their rules and regulations.

How much should a mini dachshund cost?

You should budget anywhere from $2,800 upwards to $10,000 or even more for a Mini Dachshund with top breed lines and a superior pedigree. The average cost for all Mini Dachshunds sold is $800.

Are long haired dachshunds friendly?

Miniature Longhaired Dachshund Temperament Miniature Longhaired Dachshunds are friendly, affectionate dogs. They love spending time with their people and want to take part in family activities and outings.

What kind of dog is a long haired dachshund?

Long haired Dachshunds come in either standard or miniature size. Long haired dachshunds do have a few differences from the other two varieties of dachshunds, which are wire haired and smooth haired. While they are puppies they have short hair, but then their hair grows out by the time the become and adult dachshund.

Is it hard to train a miniature dachshund?

Training, as previously mentioned, can be a bit difficult with Miniature Dachshunds. They are fiercely independent, which makes them the joyous characters they are, but also incredibly difficult to train. It is important that you are patient, firm and consistent when training your Miniature Dachshund.

Do you have to brush a long haired dachshund?

The long haired dachshund does shed seasonally. However, they don’t shed a lot and they are fairly easy for maintenance. They do require regular brushing to get rid of any tangles in their hair. Special attention should be made for brushing behind the ears and their tail.

What happens if you get another dachshund?

Dachshunds will get jealous if the other dog gets more attention than them. Every member of the family needs to spread the love as evenly as possible. If you get another dog, you probably won’t be your dachshund’s best buddy anymore.

Is there such a thing as a long haired dachshund?

Be sure to check out our main Dachshund page too! The long-haired Dachshund has an elegant, flowing coat. In fact, it is one of three Dachshund coat varieties, which can all be found in either the standard or miniature breed. The other coat varieties are smooth-haired and wire-haired.

Because of his temperament, the Miniature Dachshund requires early and consistent training from a strong, patient, take-charge master. If spoiled, he may become snappy. Training can be difficult and may require extra time and patience. Early socialization is a good idea.

How did the miniature dachshund get its name?

Miniature Dachshunds were bred in Germany specifically to hunt badgers but were also used to find rabbits and foxes. The Dachshund’s name describes this purpose. “Dachs” is German for “badgers” and “hund” is German for “dog”. Since the 1500s, Dachshunds have been used to hunt badger by following them into their burrows.

Can you leave a dachshund in the bed?

Therefore, it may be difficult to extract your Dachshund from underneath the bed sheets. Particularly on a cold winter’s morning! Some Dachshunds also have a strong prey drive. This means small pets such as chickens, guinea pigs and rabbits are not safe when left alone with a Dachshund.