Where does the history of the Chihuahua come from?

Where does the history of the Chihuahua come from?

So we have come full circle, developmental history having brought us back to Mexico and the southern United States. Perhaps the Chihuahua’s ancestors, transported on Chinese trading vessels, originated in the Egyptian desert and were related to fennec zerda , the little “dog” that is so unusual it has its own species classification.

Is the Chihuahua the only natural toy breed?

And they are the only “natural” toy breed – meaning they are naturally small and not a result of generations of breeding-down larger breeds. The Chihuahua is either long-coat or short-coat. Despite their small size, Chihuahuas are blessed with mountains of energy and affection. They are also alert, observant, and agile.

How old do Chihuahuas usually live to be?

How old can Chihuahuas get? Actually, the Chihuahua is a long-lived breed, often living up to 16 years and beyond! They are generally healthy with relatively few health problems. However, like all dog breeds, Chihuahuas do have some common health issues. Let’s take a look. One common health issue with the Chihuahua is obesit.

Can a purebred Chihuahua get its ears up?

Even if you receive documentation that states your chihuahua is, in fact, a 100% purebred, there is still a likely chance that its ears could always tip, droop, fold, or flop down. Their ears will simply “sit as meant to.” There are standards to when breeders pair two chihuahuas up.

When was the first Chihuahua registered as a breed?

The first record of the Chihuahua as a breed occurred about 1884 when enterprising Mexicans began selling them to tourists in the border markets. The first Chihuahua to be officially registered was a dog called Midget who entered the American Kennel Club stud book in 1904 along with three others.

Are there any true stories about a Chihuahua?

One story clearly relates to the Chihuahua. It was believed that not only could the little dog be a companion in this world but that the sins of the master were transferred to the dog so his human could gain safe passage to the other world.

Are there different types of Chihuahuas in the world?

There are official and unofficial types of Chihuahuas out there in the world. There are also several other kinds of dogs that Chihuahuas mix with. These crosses are performed to create fun, new mixes. Note: Chihuahua crosses are often used to shrink a larger breed to a more manageable package. No Chihuahua mixes can compete in breed dog shows.

Is the Chihuahua a descendant of the Techichi?

While many historians believe the Chihuahua is a descendant of the Techichi, others believe it’s a cross between the Techichi and a small hairless dog known as the Chinese Crested. If you’re familiar with the World’s Ugliest Dog Competition, you’ve probably heard of this breed before.