Can I give my cat methimazole once a day?

Can I give my cat methimazole once a day?

4. Can I use thiamazole once a day or does it need to be given twice daily? Methimazole/thiamazole is generally more effective in inducing euthyroidism when administered twice daily but once euthyroid, many cats can be maintained on once daily treatment.

How long do side effects of methimazole last in cats?

The most common side effects include vomiting, anorexia, and tiredness, and usually occur within the first three months of treatment. Other, less common side effects such as gastrointestinal effects and mild changes in your pet’s blood cell counts are usually temporary and resolve with time.

Should I give my cat methimazole?

Indications. Methimazole is FDA-approved for the treatment of hyperthyroidism in cats. It may also be used to control hyperthyroidism in dogs with functional thyroid tumors (off-label use).

How to dose and monitor hyperthyroid cats on methimazole?

How to Dose and Monitor Hyperthyroid Cats on Methimazole Antithyroid drugs, including methimazole and carbimazole, are medications that treat an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) by blocking the thyroid gland’s ability to make thyroid hormone.

Can you give a 17 year old cat methimazole?

Yes, if your cat had underlying, concurrent kidney disease (not unusual in a 17-year old cat), then giving methimazole could unmask the kidney disease. This is especially true if the methimazole dosage was too high, leading to hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid).

What’s the half life of methimazole in cats?

After oral administration, studies show that methimazole has a relatively short half-life in the circulation—only 2.3 hours and 4.7 hours in hyperthyroid and normal cats, respectively (9,10). But we must remember that this drug does not work to lower T4 by remaining in the circulation.

Is there an alternative to methimazole for cats?

Homeopathic and herbal remedies, as well as acupuncture, are considered alternatives for a methimazole treatment. However, there is not enough evidence to prove their effectiveness.

Can a hyperthyroid Cat take methimazole too well?

A small minority of cats really don’t tolerate methimazole too well as I understand it and can have serious side effects. It might be good check back with the vet and let them know these symptoms and that they appear to be new after starting the methimazole, and see what they say.

When to give methimazole to a pregnant cat?

When should it not be given to cats. Make sure to discuss with your vet of any existing health conditions in your cat. Methimazole is not prescribed for cats that have: Its use is also not recommended for pregnant and nursing cats because it may be toxic to an embryo and cause birth defects [1].

What happens if you mix Felimazole and methimazole?

Pregnant women, women who may become pregnant, and nursing mothers should wear gloves when handling Felimazole tablets, cat litter, or the bodily fluids of treated cats. In people, methimazole may cause vomiting, stomach distress, headache, fever, joint pain, itching, and low levels of red and white blood cells.

When to take a blood test for methimazole?

Blood work should be taken initially after the medication has been given for two weeks, followed by one month. This is to monitor your cat’s thyroid levels and to confirm that the dose given is appropriate. After this blood test, your cats’ thyroid level should be monitored every 3-6 months, between 4-6 hours after Methimazole is given.