What happens if you mix a Border Collie with a blue heeler?

What happens if you mix a Border Collie with a blue heeler?

A Border Collie mixed with a Blue Heeler will be courageous, agile, and want to keep active. It will inherit herding and protective instincts and may not accept all strangers or new situations.

What kind of problems does a Border Collie have?

The Blue Heeler and Border Collie, like many dogs within the medium- to the large-sized range, are prone to elbow and hip dysplasia. They also share eye problems like Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), as well as congenital deafness. But Borders also suffer from severe neurological problems such as epilepsy and the Border Collie collapse.

What are the characteristics of a blue heeler mix?

The characteristics of the Blue Heeler Collie Mix are a combination of nature and nurture: genetics of each parent breed, the environment, and the quality, type, and amount of training and socialization. Any mix-breed dog’s personality and appearance will vary from one dog to another.

What kind of fur does a Border Collie have?

They can also have wavy or straight fur. Their overall color can vary widely. They might be black or white like a Border Collie or may take more after their Blue Heeler parent. The Border Collie Heeler mix is a working dog, and their temperament shows it.

What do you call a border collie blue heeler mix?

The Border Collie Blue Heeler mix is not one of the best known mixed breed dogs. When two different dog breeds, such as a purebred Border Collie and a purebred Australian Cattle Dog (the Blue Heeler), are intentionally mixed the resulting crossbreed dog is often referred to as a ‘designer dog’ or a ‘hybrid dog’.

What kind of health problems can Border Collies have?

Border Collies can also suffer from some serious neurological problems, including epilepsy and a condition called Border Collie collapse. Because your Border Heeler can inherit genetic health conditions from one or both parent breeds, it’s important to choose a breeder that carries out adequate health screening on their dogs.

What’s the average life span of a blue heeler Border Collie?

The basic start-ups may be it, stay, come, and heel. Other than these there are no major health concerns. Its average life is 10 to 15 years. Now, after a detailed discussion on the Blue Heeler Border collie mix, you must have had a clear idea what are the conventional traits in the breed.

What are the problems with a border Heeler dog?

If this hybrid dog breed doesn’t get sufficient exercise and challenge (both mental and physical), boredom can become a problem, with unacceptable behaviors like barking, digging, destructive habits and even chasing cars developing.