What are long haired Dachshunds mixed with?

What are long haired Dachshunds mixed with?

We’ll let you be the judge — check out 16 of the most adorable dachshund mixes below.

  1. Doxle (Dachshund x Beagle)
  2. Dorgi (Dachshund x Corgi)
  3. Dachshound (Dachshund x Basset Hound)
  4. Doxiepin (Dachshund x Miniature Pinscher)
  5. Papshund (Dachshund x Papillon)
  6. Goldenshund (Dachshund x Golden Retriever)

Are long haired Dachshunds good pets?

As family dogs, dachshunds are loyal companions and good watchdogs. They are good with children if treated well. They can be slightly difficult to train. For instance, the long-coat dachshund is reportedly calmer than the smooth-coat variety, and the wire-coat dachshund is more outgoing and clown-like.

Can Dachshunds have long hair?

Double-coated dogs generally shed more than short-haired varieties and do require more grooming. Wirehaired Dachshunds are most commonly wild boar-colored. As their name suggests, longhaired Dachshunds have long, wavy fur, although they are light shedders. Dachshunds come in several colors.

What is a good cross with a dachshund?

The Dorkie: Dachshund cross Yorkshire Terrier This cross between a Dachshund and a Yorkhire Terrier inherits some of the best qualities of both parent breeds. They are loyal, calm and love to get all the attention. This breed would be a perfect match for a senior companion.

What is the most popular dachshund?

Smooth Dachshunds
Smooth Dachshunds are the most popular variety in the United States. Their coats are short and shiny and need little grooming.

Do Dachshunds bark a lot?

Dachshunds also bark so much because they are territorial. Separation anxiety can also be a reason why your dog barks so much. You can tell if the barking is anxiety-related if your Dachshund barks when you leave. Sometimes, he will even start barking before you get to the door.

Are boy or girl Dachshunds better?

Are Male Or Female Dachshunds better? Male Dachshunds tend to be more fun-loving, affectionate, easy going, even-tempered and clownish. Whereas Female Dachshunds are more reserved, independent self-assured, temperamental and can have mood swings.

How did Dachshunds get long hair?

Two theories on the origin of the standard longhaired variant exist. The first speculates that Shorthaired Dachshunds sometimes spontaneously produced puppies that had longer hair than their parents. And breeders then used those pups in selective breeding programs to consistently produce longhaired litters.

Can dachshunds be left alone?

You should never leave adult dachshunds alone for more than 4 hours at a time. They need the toilet every few hours and daily exercise too. As pack animals, dachshunds can get bored, lonely and stressed on their own.

How big is a Jack Russell / Dachshund mix?

“My dog Millie is a Jack Russell / Dachshund mix. We call her a Jackshund. Millie is below average weight for a dog of her mix. While most Jackshunds are around 15-17 lbs., Millie is only 12 lbs. She is an extremely affectionate and well-tempered dog. She has a very loud bark, but only uses it when something scares her.

How big are miniature Longhair Dachshund puppies?

She is a kind , loving , intelligent dog , she enjoys her life with her best friend (chocolate Dachshund) and she is a super dog . She is super small at 4 kg and she is PRA clear she is I have a litter of 3/4 miniature longhair dachshund puppies , currently look like cream miniature long hair dachshunds at the moment.

What kind of coat does a miniature dachshund have?

The Miniature Dachshund coat may be smooth, long, or wire-haired. All have distinct appearance. Colors can be reddish-brown, black, tan, chocolate brown, deep chestnut in reddish-brown, and black and tan. The hairs on the wire-haired Miniature Dachshund should lie flat and be as hard as possible.

How many years have I owned a dachshund?

I’m no veterinarian, but I’ve owned Dachshunds for 15 years, I’ve blogged about them for almost 8, I’ve organized the Dachshund club for over 6, and I was a Doxie walker and sitter (yes, I stuck primarily to the long and low) during my 3 years of grad school.

Is there such a thing as a long haired dachshund?

Of the many dog breeds, Dachshunds are indeed a popular choice for pet lovers. These wiener dogs, or sausage dogs as they fondly called, come in three distinct coat varieties from where each dachshund gets its name. There are the long-haired dachshund, the shorthaired dachshund, and the wire-haired dachshund.

Which is the best mix of dachshunds and Terriers?

Actually, you don’t have to guess because we’ve got 15 of the sweetest Dachshund mixes here… Enjoy: 1. Dachshund + Yorkshire Terrier = Dorkie 2. Dachshund + Pomeranian = Dameranian 3. Weimaraner + Dachshund = Daimeraner 4. Dachshund + Black and Tan Jack Russell = Dach Russell 5. Dachshund + Golden Retriever =Goldenshund 6.

How big does a Miniature Dachshund mix get?

However, if you take on an adult rescue dachshund, always supervise him closely when introducing him to other furry housemates, especially cats and house rabbits. Dachshunds come in two sizes: standard and miniature.

Is it OK to mix a dachshund with a Papillon?

Photo from Great Dog Site. Dachshunds are great dogs, but they do have a few weaknesses. One of the most notable is their timidity around strangers. But when you mix the dachshund’s shy genes with the outgoing and over-the-top-friendly genes of a papillon, you get an adorable and friendly little pooch.