Can dogs recover from Valley Fever on their own?

Can dogs recover from Valley Fever on their own?

Some dogs do not recover in spite of everyone’s best efforts, either due to the severity of illness at the time of diagnosis or because of long-standing, poorly responsive disease. Fortunately, they represent a minority of dogs with Valley Fever.

Can dogs live with Valley Fever?

A small number of dogs, usually those that develop disseminated disease, will die from valley fever. However, the majority of dogs that are treated appropriately will recover from this disease. Your veterinarian will periodically repeat the antibody titer test to determine when the antifungal medication can be stopped.

How much does Valley fever cost a dog?

Well, dogs can get Valley Fever too, so I wanted you to know the areas where it’s common. The University of Arizona Valley Fever Center for Excellence estimates that Valley Fever costs Arizona dog owners about $60 million a year. That’s partly because the conventional drugs are so expensive and treatment lasts a long time (more about that later).

When to test for Valley fever in dogs?

Symptoms of infection may occur weeks, months, or even years after the exposure has occurred. Veterinarians who practice where Valley Fever is widespread are very familiar with the disease and will commonly test for it in dogs with typical symptoms.

When to discontinue Valley fever medication for dogs?

Veterinarians determine the best time to discontinue anti-fungal medications based on a dog’s response to treatment and follow-up testing, and then they will closely monitor for relapses. More than 90 percent of dogs that are treated for Valley Fever will survive, according to The University of Arizona.

How does a dog get Valley fever in the desert?

How Do Dogs Get Valley Fever? Coccidiodes organisms live in desert soils and produce long filaments that contain infectious spores. When the soil is disturbed, for example by a dog digging, by construction, or during a windstorm, the spores become airborne and can be inhaled.