How much do Black Mouth Cur puppies go for?

How much do Black Mouth Cur puppies go for?

The average price for a Black Mouth Cur puppy is between $300 – 350. Alternatively, if you’d like an adult Black Mouth Cur, many rescue centers that have this breed all over the US.

How much should a Black Mouth Cur weight?

Males tend to be larger, weighing in on average between 40 and 95 pounds, while females tend to range from 35 to 80 pounds. The breed is usually 16 inches in height or taller.

Are Black Mouth Cur dogs affectionate?

Fearless and relentless in the wild, Black Mouth Curs happen to be very sensitive and gentle with people: Around children they tend to tone-down the play and become more mild and protective. They are outgoing, affectionate and very protective of family members. Black Mouth Curs are smart and curious canines.

At what age is Black Mouth Cur full grown?

And when do Black Mouth Curs stop growing? These dogs normally reach their adult height and weight (an average of 20 inches and 65 pounds) at about 12 months of age.

Are Black Mouth Curs dangerous?

Black Mouth Curs are hunters and dangerous around any small creature. Born with hunting instincts a cat around them is alarming. They will chase it and hunt it. Except in cases where these dogs are previously socialized with the cat only then it can be considered safe.

Can Black Mouth Curs be left alone?

They also don’t like to be left alone, so are not the dog for those who are out of the house for hours at a time. That being said, the Black Mouth Cur can make an excellent family pet for an active household who likes to spend time outside. These dogs love poeple, including young children, and are very playful.

At what age is black mouth cur full grown?

Do black mouth curs like to cuddle?

The Black Mouth Cur is a large to medium-sized dog. Along with herding cattle and baying hogs, this dog breed is excellent with its human counterparts and makes for a wonderful family dog. When they aren’t hunting in the field, all they want are lots of cuddles and to give big happy smiles!

How old is a Black Mouth Cur dog?

Curs rarely trot, even while hunting, going from a walk to a ground-covering sprint. These dogs are avid hunters, yet can also work with cattle. Breeders say a pup will train himself treeing, protecting and/or bunching and penning cattle by six months of age.

What’s the life expectancy of a Black Mouth Cur?

What is the Black Mouth Cur’s Life Expectancy? Despite their relatively large size, Black Mouth Curs live a long time. The average lifespan for the breed is 12 to 16 years, with some dogs living longer. This is well above average for bigger breed dogs.

How did the Black Mouth Cur get its name?

Black Mouth Curs get their name from their distinctive appearance. Most dogs have a black muzzle. But, this is not a necessary trait. Usually, BMCs are bred for performance. So, many breeders do not care about the color of the coat or the size of the dog. As long as they are healthy and can get the job done, they are happy.

What should I do with a Black Mouth Cur?

Black Mouth Curs need regular exercise. They may not be well suited for owners with very small backyards or sedentary lifestyles. This breed is a good choice for sporting owners who plan to hunt or compete with their dogs. They can also be good family dogs, as long as they are socialized around other pets and children.

How much does a Black Mouth Cur puppy cost?

Litters of this dog are often quite large, ranging from between 3 to 12 Black Mouth Cur puppies. For one of these super-smart working dogs you should expect to pay between $300-500 USD. If you are looking for a puppy, you may notice these dogs are commonly labelled as hunting or herding bloodlines.

What does Black Mouth Cur dog stand for?

Cur is a general term meaning a dog with a short coat and drop ears, with working heritage. Farmers bred and kept the Black Mouth Cur dog to protect their home, hunt and herd cattle and sheep ready for slaughter (they are an incredibly versatile dog).

What’s the average lifespan of a Black Mouth Cur?

Because they were bred for hunting, the Black Mouth Cur is typically a very healthy dog. The normal lifespan for a Black Mouth Cur is between 12 to 16 years. Typically healthy, however, they can still suffer with certain health issues relating to their ears.

Where did the Black Mouth Cur come from?

Known for being hunters, this dog is built to move efficiently over harsh terrain for long periods of time. It is thought that the original Curs were found across Europe and Asia.