Where to look for a sunburn on a horse?

Where to look for a sunburn on a horse?

The most sensitive areas of a horse are the bare patches around their muzzle, down the bridge of their nose, their ears, and around their eyes. They can also develop sunburns on any light-colored patches on their coat. If you notice a sunburn, examine the horse for any other affected areas.

What kind of sunscreen should I use on my horse?

You can use children’s sunscreen or horse sunscreen. Before exposing your horse to the sun, rub the sunscreen around the bare areas of their face as well as to any white or light-colored areas of their coat. Extra strong zinc oxide works great on the sensitive, pink skin around the muzzle.

Why does my horse have white spots on his face?

The face and heels are most commonly affected because these often have non-pigmented patches and less hair coverage. “It’s not a breed-related problem because nearly all breeds produce horses with white facial markings and legs,” explains Dr Littlewood, “but owners of animals with a thin coat should be particularly careful.”

What causes a horse to have photosensitivity in the Sun?

Photosensitivity is commonly seen as a result of ingesting photodynamic agents from a number of plant and chemical toxins.

Can a horse with pink skin get a sunburn?

Some horses, by color or skin type, are more sensitive to the sun than others and can sunburn easily. Paint and pinto horses, which can have large areas of white fur and pink skin are most susceptible, but any horse with pink skin can potentially recieve a sunburn to the area.

Can a cremello horse get a sunburn?

Albino and cremello horses can sunburn on other areas as well. Preventing sunburn is not only important for your horse’s comfort, but also for preventing future health issues.

What can I put on my horse to keep him from getting sunburn?

If you can’t manage your horse’s time in the sun and you have limited shade in your turnout areas, consider using fly sheets and face masks for additional protection. If your horse gets mild sunburn on his muzzle or face, apply a soothing ointment such as aloe.

How does a sunburn affect the look of a showhorse?

The sunburn may also lead to patches of hair loss, areas of inflammation, redness or pinkness, and sometimes oozing, watery blisters. These physical manifestations of the condition may result in scars that will diminish the appearance and value of a showhorse.