How long are chocolate Labs supposed to live for?

How long are chocolate Labs supposed to live for?

The median longevity for all labs is about 12 years, while the median age for chocolate labs was 10.7. Overall, Labrador retrievers are still one of the longest-living dog breeds, reported another recent study.

What is the longest a chocolate lab has lived?

27 years and three months
Who is the Oldest Known Lab? The oldest known Labrador was Adjutant, who was born in August 1936 and died in November 1963 aged 27 years and three months. He lived in Lincolnshire in the UK and were also the 7th oldest known dog in history, regardless of breed.

How long do Labs live on average?

10 – 12 years
Labrador Retriever/Life span

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Is the chocolate Labrador Retriever a long-lived pet?

Awwww very cute, but not, it turns out, likely to be very long lived. Chocolate-coloured Labradors might have a certain high street cachet, but they tend to die younger and get sicker than their yellow or black peers.

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What’s the average life span of a chocolate lab?

The brown coat variant has become synonymous with shorter lifespans . While the average lifespan for the breed is about 12.1 years, the Chocolate Lab only has a life expectancy of 10.7 years. Find out why below!

What kind of eyes does a chocolate lab have?

All Labs should have brown eyes. Chocolate Labs can sometimes have hazel colored eyes. If your adult Labrador has blue eyes, chances are, it’s not a purebred Labrador. They should have a proportionate outline, not overly low to the ground nor lanky and they have a pronounced neck that enhances their retrieving.

Why are there so many chocolate Labrador Retrievers?

Because chocolate is a popular Labrador Retriever color but a recessive gene, some breeders use poor breeding and genetic practices to try and have more chocolate puppies. However, if the breeder has chocolate Lab puppies “naturally” in litters, then health problems are not usually an issue.

Is it possible to get a chocolate lab?

With enough care and attention in selecting a breeder and the correct puppy from the litter, you can easily find a smart and keen chocolate Lab to rival the best of any other color…just don’t ask it to help you complete your expert level Sudoku puzzle! A More Detailed – Positive – Look At The Chocolate Lab