How long do springer spaniels usually live?

How long do springer spaniels usually live?

12 – 14 years
English Springer Spaniel/Life span

Why is my Springer Spaniel an undesirable dog?

The reason that their pet is now ‘undesirable’ needs some explaining. The problem is that the many hours of training required to reverse the damage they have done by allowing their dog to experience the joys of self-employment, works out fairly expensive.

Do you know how to train a springer spaniel?

Well, you are probably a committed field trailer. Or perhaps you have at least five years gundog training experience under your belt. If not, you are a member of one of the smallest minorities in the country. The fact is that for a lot of inexperienced dog owners, Springers are ‘trouble’.

What’s the name of the springer spaniel that hunts?

This series takes a look at the ‘lot’ of the working Springer Spaniel in our modern society No doubt your springer is the ‘Bees Knees’. He comes when he is called, hunts within gunshot, and is steady to shot, flush and fall.

Are there any springers that get into trouble?

It is not just people that buy Springers as pets that get into trouble. The relatively small proportion of people that buy springers in order to work them can also find themselves in deep water. And in the next instalment I will be looking at Springers that get into difficulties in working homes.

How old do Springer Spaniels have to be to be in trouble?

On the contrary, the people in trouble, over 90% of them, are the owners of English Springer Spaniels. Out of control! “ I have a Springer Spaniel, and he is 8 months old”. Sometimes it is 10 months or 12 months but you get the picture.

Why do parents fail to recognize signs of older dogs?

Many parents to older dogs fail to recognize the early warning signs of many easily-treatable diseases. Mainly because these symptoms in elderly dogs are often subtle changes which are misconstrued as normal signs of aging.

What does it mean when a senior dog pees all the time?

Frequent attempts at urination can be a sign of many diseases that affect senior dogs. Frequent painful urination can be a sign of a bladder infection. You will also be able to recognize cystitis by the unusual color of your dog’s urine. If it’s not cystitis, the problem may be a lower urinary tract infection.

When did the trouble with springers come out?

The trouble with springers and was originally published on the Gundog Club website in February 2010. You can also support the Gundog Trust and its work by purchasing the Gundog Club’s Training Books. All proceeds from products and services purchased from the Gundog Club go to the Gundog Trust (Registered charity no.1147407).