Is 2010 the year of the rabbit?

Is 2010 the year of the rabbit?

Chinese Horoscope 2010 for Rabbit in Chinese Zodiac Year of The Tiger. 2010 Chinese Horoscope for people born in Rabbit years: 1903, 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999. Rabbit is swift, agile, tricky, and always alert. 2010 is Metal Tiger year.

Is 2010 a lucky year?

If people’s Lucky Element is Earth, then they should be very lucky in 2009. If Earth is the unlucky element, then they might be miserable in 2009. 2010 is the Year of White Tiger, which contains Metal, Wood and Fire. If your Lucky Element is Metal, Wood or Fire, then 2010 will bring you some degree of luck.

What kind of tiger is 2010?

Metal Tiger
Years and the Five Elements

Start date End date Heavenly branch
28 January 1998 15 February 1999 Earth Tiger
14 February 2010 2 February 2011 Metal Tiger
1 February 2022 21 January 2023 Water Tiger
19 February 2034 7 February 2035 Wood Tiger

Are Tigers lucky in 2020?

For those born in the year of the Tiger, 2020 will bring prosperity, luck and power. The Tiger is in the 3rd position in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac. According to the chinese astrology, the years of the Tiger are: 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022.

Is 2010 the year of the Golden Tiger?

Feb. 14, 2010 is the Chinese New Year’s Day in the Year of the Tiger. There are 12 symbolic animals, each representing a corresponding year, and “Tiger” is the third symbol in the Chinese zodiac cycle that recurs every twelve years. …

What was the Chinese zodiac sign in 2010?

Tiger is the 2010 Chinese zodiac sign. And according to Chinese Five Elements, people born in 2010 year of the Tiger belong to the Metal Tiger.

What was the name of the Chinese New Year in 2010?

Year 2010 is Male Metal Tiger the 27th of the Stem-Branch in the system. Because Metal is connected to Gold and is equivalent to the color White in the Five-Element system, Year 2010 is also called the White Tiger or Golden Tiger year. Why does Chinese New Year Day come late in 2010?

Who was the first king of China in 2010?

The Year 2010 is the 4707th Chinese year. The Chinese believe that the first king of China was the Yellow King (he was not the first emperor of China). The Yellow King became king in 2697 B.C., therefore China will enter the 4707th year on February 4th, 2010.

Why is 2010 known as the year of the Tiger?

2010 is the year of Tiger. Some people say 2010 is a Golden Tiger, White Tiger or Metal Tiger year. This is because the Stem-Branch Calendar is connected to Five Element theory.

When is the Chinese New Year in 2010?

Chinese New Year date is 14 February 2010, next year starts at 03 February 2011 In the Year of the Tiger are born leaders and rebels. Following their hearts, they live by their own laws… More about chinese tiger zodiac personality.

Tiger is the 2010 Chinese zodiac sign. And according to Chinese Five Elements, people born in 2010 year of the Tiger belong to the Metal Tiger.

What was the most important event in China in 2010?

Events in the year 2010 in China . January 1 – ASEAN–China Free Trade Area: China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) launch the world’s largest Free Trade Area in terms of population. January 1 – CCTV expand to online channel CNTV (中国网络电视台) with C-box software.

When is the year of the Tiger in China?

According to Chinese calendar, from February 14, 2010 to February 02, 2011 is Year of the Tiger. You can use our Chinese Farmer’s Almanac calendar (Tung Shing or Tung Shu) to find out things suggested to do or not to do for each day, and holidays and solar terms in each month. { {.}} { {.}}