Are male calicos worth a lot of money?

Are male calicos worth a lot of money?

Male Calico cats are worth a lot of money because they’re so uncommon. Since it’s hard to find a male Calico – you guessed it – you’ll be paying a higher price. Like anything that is in demand without a high quantity, the price will inevitably rise.

What is a male calico worth?

More specially, a male Calico cat is fertile could be worth up to $2000, but this is extremely rare to find. In other words, the true value of a Calico cat would rely on whether he is random-bred or purebred. The fur colors do not influence on the worth of a male Calico cat even if he has five or six different colors.

Is it possible to get a male calico cat?

Male calicos are not worth anything per say. They are very rare, but 9 out of 10 are sterile. It would be no more then a normal pedigree cat (if its a purebred).

How many calico cats are there in the world?

While they are relatively rare, with an estimated one male in 3,000 calico cat births, there is no extraordinary demand for them. They do not make good breeding studs because almost all male calicos are sterile.

How much does a purebred calico cat cost?

One might suppose that male calicos would bring a high price among breeders because of their rarity. You may even see some websites claiming a purebred male calico cat can fetch a price as high as $1,000 to $2,000. The truth is, while they are an interesting phenomenon, they are of little interest to breeders because they are sterile.

What percentage of all cats is a male calico?

About one in every 3,000 calico cats is born a male, meaning there’s less than a 0.1 percent chance of a calico cat being born a male. These unicorn cats are almost always sterile, so they cannot be used to breed more calico patterns.

Why are male calico cats so rare?

Male calico cats are rare because like human males with Kleinfelter’s Syndrome, they suffer from a chromosomal abnormality in which they have 2 X chromosomes along with the Y, instead of one. Color in cats is carried on the X chromosome.

What health problems do calico cats have?

Calicoes are not prone to illnesses or diseases. However, when it comes to health, Calico cats are predisposed to a number of skin problems genetically. Abnormalities such as pigmentation, hypersensitivity and allergic reactions are more frequent in these cats.

How much is a polydactyl cat worth?

Your furniture, and cats like Jake or Paws will thank you for it. How Much is a Polydactyl Cat Worth? On average, the polydactyl cat ranges from $300 to $500. Considering the uniqueness of this pet, some may argue that this isn’t such a hefty price.