Can a dog have an ear infection without discharge?

Can a dog have an ear infection without discharge?

Some dogs show no symptoms of ear infection aside from a buildup of wax and discharge in the ear canal.

Why does my Dog’s Ear itch all the time?

The cause of itchy dog-ears may not be obvious because the open nature of their ears may harbor different foreign bodies. A simple problem such as too much wax or an object stuck in the ear canal is easy to treat. Some dog breeds like the Cocker Spaniels with characteristic floppy ears are prone to ear infections and other problems of the ear.

Is it painful for my dog to twitch?

The twitching or spasms can be painful, particularly when they are continuous. Once you understand what is causing twitching to occur in your dog, you may be able to take steps to minimize their occurrence.

Why does my Dog Shake his head when I scratch his ear?

A bite on your dog’s ear can also be caused by fly bites. When this happens, there is a sudden urge from the dog to scratch the. ear while at the same time shaking its head. The whining produced when scratching and shaking head is an indicator that there is a problem. The sores caused by fly bites cause more itching and pain.

Why does my Bloodhound have an ear infection?

One of the most often encountered dog ear problems is associated with ear infections, and it’s often a repeating problem, especially if your dog spends a lot of time in the water. Dogs with long and hanging ears like Bloodhound or Basset Hound are more likely to be affected by ear infections.

Why does my dog have twitching in his ear?

Though we are unable to diagnose the condition as a confirmed case of any ear canal/gland tumor without examining your dog in person, the symptoms you describe such as signs of behavioral change, body twitching along with typical symptoms of infection, indicate a dog ear tumor as a possible condition/cause.

What kind of ear problems do dogs have?

Thank you for your question and sorry to hear about the dog ear problems and other related issues. Dog Ear problems such as parasitic, fungal or bacterial infections are usually represented by symptoms such as excessive dog head shaking, scratching, inflammatory signs (in outer & inner ear canal) and ear discharge.

Can a tumor on an ear cause twitching?

It is recommended that you take your dog for a detailed clinical examination and laboratory tests to confirm this condition. Though, dog ear tumors usually do not spreads up to the brain, they do cause symptoms such as dog body twitching, ataxia (issues with muscular coordination),…

Why does my dog keep scratching his ears?

The most common are food and airborne allergies. The symptoms are the same as with any other other ear infection, which entails pain, redness and discharge. Dogs will often scratch their ears and shake their head if they have an ear infection due to allergy.