Do Halls cough drops have xylitol?

Do Halls cough drops have xylitol?

Halls® cough drops can contain a wide variety of ingredients and flavorings. Some of these can actually be toxic for dogs. If your dog ended up eating a lot of cough drops, then you need to be concerned. If your cough drops contain Xylitol, this is one of the key ingredients that can actually harm your dog.

Do sugar free cough drops contain xylitol?

Most cough drops contain sugar, menthol, eucalyptus oil, colors and flavor—all of which can cause gastrointestinal upset. However, some drops contain ingredients that can create more serious consequences: Xylitol. Infrequently, xylitol may be found in cough drops.

How much menthol is in an over the counter cough drop?

Over-the-counter cough drops don’t contain pure menthol. The menthol is usually watered down and mixed with other ingredients. To put it in perspective, a typical cough drop contains between 3 and 10 milligrams (mg) of menthol. is estimated to be roughly 1,000 mg (1 gram) per kilogram of body weight.

How big of a dose of menthol can you take?

The lethal dose of menthol is estimated to be roughly 1,000 mg (1 gram) per kilogram of body weight. In other words, someone who weighs 150 pounds (68 kg) would likely have to eat more than 6,800 cough drops containing 10 mg of menthol in a short period of time to risk the chance of a lethal overdose.

Can You overdose on peppermint or menthol cough drops?

There was no evidence of consuming peppermint or menthol but only the toxic effects of breathing unusually high amounts of peppermint fumes. Menthol can cause allergic reactions. These reactions can range from mild to severe. Some people develop a reaction on the skin known as allergic contact dermatitis.

Is it safe to take menthol over the counter?

Menthol cough drops are generally considered to be safe and effective over the counter treatment of cough and sore throat. Toxicity from menthol is extremely uncommon and cases of overdose are nearly non-existent. However, like any medication, there are limits when it comes to safe dosages. What Is Menthol?