How long do border collie blue heeler mixes live?

How long do border collie blue heeler mixes live?

Following a healthy diet and lifestyle, you can expect your Blue Heeler Border Collie mix to have a lifespan of 13 to 17 years.

At what age is a blue heeler a senior dog?

Generally, larger breeds hit their senior years around 6 to 7 years old, whereas smaller breeds generally reach the senior years in the mid teens. But, generally, around 7 years old, you can consider your dog a senior.

How big will a border collie heeler mix get?

How big does a Collie Heeler mix get? The Border Heeler usually weighs between 30 to 45 pounds and stands at 18 to 23 inches at the shoulder.

Are blue heeler border collie mix good dogs?

A Blue HeelerBorder Collie mix blends the best of both of the parent breeds; intelligence, loyalty, and working dog instincts. It’s strong and alert with a high energy level and would make a great companion or family dog, but best with an active family. It can be fun-loving and caring when socialized properly.

Can a blue heeler be an inside dog?

Not content with sitting around the house for hours on end, These pets will encourage you to take them outside for exercise, play and work. These pets, like most herders, can be one-person dogs.

Which dog is smarter border collie or blue heeler?

Border Collies are highly intelligent dogs who learn quickly. They are great family dogs but can be shy with strangers. They’re one of the smartest dog breeds and are also very affectionate. Blue Heelers are extremely energetic dogs who need a job to do.

Can a Blue Heeler be an inside dog?

Which dog is smarter border collie or Blue Heeler?

Are Blue Heeler dogs aggressive?

Are They Aggressive Dogs? Blue Heelers have one of the worst reputations among any breed for biting people. In particular, it is well known that a Blue Heeler will let anyone into a house, yet not let him or her out. They will attack the person’s heel, true to the name “heeler.”

What do you call a border collie blue heeler mix?

The Border Collie Blue Heeler mix is not one of the best known mixed breed dogs. When two different dog breeds, such as a purebred Border Collie and a purebred Australian Cattle Dog (the Blue Heeler), are intentionally mixed the resulting crossbreed dog is often referred to as a ‘designer dog’ or a ‘hybrid dog’.

What’s the average life span of a blue heeler Border Collie?

The basic start-ups may be it, stay, come, and heel. Other than these there are no major health concerns. Its average life is 10 to 15 years. Now, after a detailed discussion on the Blue Heeler Border collie mix, you must have had a clear idea what are the conventional traits in the breed.

Which is the best breed of Border Collie?

It’s a crossbreed from two of the best purebred herding dog breeds in the world; the purebred Border Collie and the purebred Australian Cattle Dog (ACD); the Blue Heeler. A Blue HeelerBorder Collie mix blends the best of both of the parent breeds; intelligence, loyalty, and working dog instincts.

What are the characteristics of a blue heeler mix?

The characteristics of the Blue Heeler Collie Mix are a combination of nature and nurture: genetics of each parent breed, the environment, and the quality, type, and amount of training and socialization. Any mix-breed dog’s personality and appearance will vary from one dog to another.

How old is a border collie Australian shepherd mix?

The Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix combines two intelligent, energetic and affectionate breeds into one fun, active package. Known as the Border Aussie, this clever cross is medium sized with a long, glossy coat and an expected lifespan of around 13 years.

How old is Hamish the Border Collie BC?

My BC, Hamish, has been with me two months short of 17 years. While he no longer runs the fields at lightning speed, he still spends time with me on walks that are now yards, not miles, long. He has joint stiffness but he still has a strong appetite and normal body functions.

How old was my first Border Collie when she died?

My first border collie I got in 1983 lived 1 month short of her 18th birthday. She lived well I might add, to the end. Still jumping on the bed and going for short walks. Her hearing was bad and relied on the other dogs for sounds and “whats going on.” She was on a home made diet since 9 months of age, and had limited vaccinations.

When to put a sick Border Collie to sleep?

Family legend tells of the time they told the vet that the sick dog was only 14 (I think), because the vet might think it was best to have the dog put to sleep if the dog was old. No prizes for guessing the breed.