Is it normal for a yellow Labrador to pant alot?

Is it normal for a yellow Labrador to pant alot?

It is completely normal for a well constructed dog like a Labrador to pant during exercise, and play. And for a short time afterwards. It’s how he stays nice and cool inside. Panting is also a normal canine response to excitement or stress.

Why does my 13.1 year old Labrador pants excessively?

Hello, my 13.1/2 year old Labrador Doris pants excessively. I has been going on for a few months I have taken her to the vets and they can not find any medical reason for it. It has got worse the last few days and I just don’t know what to do. Please any ideas. It sounds as if she could be in pain?

Is it normal for a Labrador Retriever to Pant a lot?

If your Labrador has not started panting a lot suddenly and the vet has not found any issues with it then it is likely to be normal behavior. With that being said, it would still help to consult with your vet about it when you see them next and to take it to the vet if it is concerning you.

Why does Stacia the Labrador Retriever keep panting?

Ok been to the vets, vet has decided she may have a bit of arthritis in her hips so may be causing her discomfort, so it may cause the panting. Have got some loxicom so will see how it goes. Not totally convinced but have to believe in the vet. Stacia likes this.

When to take your dog to the vet for excessive panting?

Agree absolutely, if you think there is something wrong, and she is panting, you are probably right. A visit to the vet for a second opinion is what I would do in this situation. I agree with going back to the vet!

Why is my 12 year old Labrador dog panting so much from no exercise?

Why is my 12 year old Labrador dog panting so much from no exercise?. WHAT CAUSES EXCESSIVE PANTING EVEN WHEN THE DOG HAS NOT BEEN RUNNING OR OTHERWISE EXEERCISING? Dogs pant excessively for several reasons. One of which is exercise and heat. You state your dog is not exercising.

Is it unusual for a Labrador Retriever to Pant?

No, I thought that an unusual comment, but tbh don’t have much experience (luckily) of dogs in acute pain. Stacia likes this. Doug’s used to pant when his pain increased or changed. It’s very different to a normal pant. I hated the sound it always ment trouble. It’s very distinctive.

When does a dog have an abnormal panting pattern?

Appears excessive compared to the dog’s normal panting pattern Occurs at inappropriate times (when the dog is not overly warm) Sounds raspier, louder, or harsher than normal Occurs with more exertion than normal 1. Anxiety, stress or fear

Why does Euan the dog Pant so much?

Our Euan used to pant excessively too. The last two years of his life he was in pain. We didn’t know if the panting was of medication he was getting for his leaking of pee. He had enurase, which had a side effect of excessive panting.