How far can a chocolate Lab walk?

How far can a chocolate Lab walk?

As long as they are healthy and fit, a Lab should have no problems walking for distances of even 10 or 20 miles. Good endurance and behavioral training, along with a good diet, can help to prepare your Lab to make these long walks successful.

Do Labradors like long walks?

As long as he or she is an adult Labrador in good health. Provided you don’t walk in high temperatures or on very hard surfaces for long periods of time, he’ll be fine.

Why does my 13.1 year old Labrador pants excessively?

Hello, my 13.1/2 year old Labrador Doris pants excessively. I has been going on for a few months I have taken her to the vets and they can not find any medical reason for it. It has got worse the last few days and I just don’t know what to do. Please any ideas. It sounds as if she could be in pain?

How old should a 10 year old Labrador Retriever be?

10-Year-Old Labrador. At the age of ten, your Lab will begin showing sure signs of slowing down if they haven’t already. You should make proper accommodations to your home to allow your pooch to get around easier. Ramps and carpets are particularly helpful. You should also keep a close eye on your pooch to catch any potential health problems early.

How to take care of an aging Labrador Retriever?

As your dog ages, they will find it harder to get up after napping, will walk slower, and take longer to climb the stairs. And they will spend lots of time sleeping, often between 12 and 18 hours each day. While exercise is still important for aging Labradors, you may find that your dog just can’t manage those long jogs, walks, or runs.

Why does Stacia the Labrador Retriever keep panting?

Ok been to the vets, vet has decided she may have a bit of arthritis in her hips so may be causing her discomfort, so it may cause the panting. Have got some loxicom so will see how it goes. Not totally convinced but have to believe in the vet. Stacia likes this.