What countries in Africa have giraffes?

What countries in Africa have giraffes?

The giraffe is native to many African countries, including Kenya, Cameroon, Chad, Niger, Uganda, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Angola, and South Africa. Wild grassland plains, woodlands and the savanna are the most common habitats for giraffes in those countries.

Does Africa have giraffe?

g. giraffa) The South African giraffe ranges from west to east across southern eastern Angola, northern Botswana, southern Mozambique, northern South Africa, south-western Zambia, and parts of Zimbabwe.

Where in Africa are the most giraffes?

In Namibia and South Africa, which have some of the largest populations of giraffe, there is another challenge: most giraffes live outside protected areas on private land, from where getting an accurate count is especially hard.

Which countries have wild giraffes?

Today, giraffes are found in Niger, Chad, Sudan, Cameroon, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, Zambia, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana, and South Africa. Each of the nine subspecies of giraffes has its own geographic range among the countries list above.

Are there any giraffes in Nigeria?

The population of giraffes has dwindled across Africa over the past 30 years, according to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF). In West Africa, the regional subspecies was once common in many countries, including Nigeria, Mali, Mauritania and Senegal, but now only exists in Niger.

What is a giraffe called in Africa?

Giraffa camelopardalis
The South African giraffe or Cape giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis giraffa) is a subspecies of giraffe ranging from South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique….

South African giraffe
Subspecies: G. c. giraffa
Trinomial name
Giraffa camelopardalis giraffa (von Schreber, 1784)
Range map in dark green

Why are giraffes only in Africa?

Giraffes live primarily in savanna areas in the sub-Saharan region of Africa. Their extreme height allows them to eat leaves and shoots located much higher than other animals can reach. In particular, they seek out acacia trees. Their long tongues are helpful in eating because they help pull leaves from the trees.

Where can I find a giraffe in Africa?

How many species of giraffe are there in Namibia?

Latest research has shown that there are four different giraffe species in Africa. Giraffe in Namibia are the southern giraffe (Giraffa giraffa) and while both its subspecies occur in Namibia, most giraffe are the Angolan giraffe (Giraffa giraffa angolensis) subspecies.

Where does the Kordofan giraffe live in the world?

The Kordofan giraffe is a subspecies of the giraffe with a wild population of about 2,000 individuals. The subspecies is relatively smaller than other types of giraffes. They are found in Central African Republic, southern part of Chad, Northern region of Cameroon, and probably Sudan.

Why are giraffes in Africa on the decline?

Sadly, their numbers are declining fast due to poaching and habitat loss, with the Giraffe population in Africa dropping by 40%. They’re also preyed upon by Lions, Hyenas, Leopards, and African Wild Dogs, with only about 20% of all baby Giraffes making it to adulthood.

Where do giraffes live in the wild?

Giraffes live in sub-Saharan Africa, south of the Sahara Desert, from Niger all the way to Zimbabwe and Botswana. The largest concentration is in central eastern Africa. Many wild giraffes populate Kenya and Tanzania. Masai giraffes live in the Serengeti while the Nigerian giraffe is found in Western Africa. The Savanna

What do West African giraffes eat?

They are picky eaters. West African giraffes feed on a variety of leaves and shoots, but the bulk of their diet is made up of a few species of trees and bushes, with Acacia trees being their utmost favorite.

What is the habitat of the West African giraffe?

The West African Giraffe dwells in a variety of habitats including shrublands, savannas, and areas of the dense forest. As long as they can find food and water, any location out there can become a temporary habitat for them.

What are the breeds of giraffes?

The four giraffe species are: the southern giraffe ( Giraffa giraffa), the Masai giraffe (G. tippelskirchi), the reticulated giraffe (G. reticulata) and the northern giraffe (G. camelopardalis). Genetic differences among the four species are comparable to those between polar bears and brown bears , according to Janke.