Are there Labrador Retriever mixes that are easy to adopt?

Are there Labrador Retriever mixes that are easy to adopt?

Our particular focus is on less “Labby” looking mixes, harder to place dogs, and those that have a more difficult time getting adopted, but absolutely deserve the chance to escape the shelter and find a safe and loving home.

What kind of dog is Peppy from lab rescue?

Heartworm is treatable, and Lab Rescue provides treatment for all infected dogs at no cost to the adopter. Learn more > Peppy Pup! Americano, also known as Milton, is a sweet puppy who is very loving. Like most younger dogs, he is full of energy and needs plenty of exercise.

Where can I adopt a lab rescue dog?

Learn more about our approach to placing dogs in homes where little ones are present. Adopting as a Townhome or Apartment Resident: As many of our dogs come from rural areas—where they have limited exposure to cars, new people and dogs, unexpected noises, and being leashed—we may limit placements for some dogs to single-family homes. Learn more >

What does Jax’s Labrador Retriever rescue do for dogs?

To rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home abused, abandoned, neglected, or unwanted Labrador Retrievers and Labrador Retriever mixes. Jax’s Labrador Retriever Rescue was founded to rescue Labrador Retrievers, Lab Mixes and other sporting breed dogs from the heart-breaking conditions of shelters.

How many lab mixes have been adopted on Rescue Me?

Scroll to view 75 pets. 153,041 Lab Dogs adopted on Rescue Me! Ryleigh is a 6 month old lab mix. She is soooo sweet, great with other dogs and with cats. She loves everyone she…

How old is Rosco from Washington lab rescue?

Rosco is a lab mix around 3.5 months old loving playful and loves kids and other dogs. He is currently in Fort… » Read more » Bella is about 2.5 to 3 years young. She arrived to rescue ready to deliver her pups. Her pups have all been… » Read more »

How old is Teagan the lab from Rescue Me?

Teagan is a sweet girl she is around 8 months old and still very much a puppy. She gets along great with other dogs… » Read more » Tail type – Description River is so short and long!

How old is Heidi from Texas lab rescue?

Heidi is part of a litter of 9, 5 boys and 4 girls. They are all very playful and cuddly and typical puppies. » Read more » This little boy is from a litter of 9, 5 boys and 4 girls. He has the most beautiful brindle legs. He is 7 weeks… » Read more » Meet Miss Macy, the runt of the litter of 9 puppies. She is 8 weeks old and a mere 3 pounds.

What’s the adoption fee for American lab rescue?

American Lab Rescue is an all-breed rescue group specializing in Labrador and Labrador mixes. American Lab Rescue is an all-volunteer, 501c3 non-profit organization devoted to helping homeless dogs from puppy to senior age find their loving forever homes. THE QUICK ANSWERS: Our Adoption Fee is $399 PER DOG.

What kind of dogs are at American lab rescue?


How many lab dogs have been adopted in California?

– California Lab Rescue – ADOPTIONS – Rescue Me! 153,041 Adopted! Scroll to view 136 pets. 153,041 Lab Dogs adopted on Rescue Me! URGENT: This animal could be euthanized if not adopted soon.

How to adopt a Rocky Mountain Lab dog?

Note: If you are interested in adopting a lab you must first submit an Adoption Application to Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue. We can not guarantee that the dog that you are interested in will still be available after your application has been reviewed and processed. However, we rescue more great dogs every week, and we update our web site daily!

How old is Amy the Black Lab dog?

Amy is a 8 month old Black Lab/ German Shepherd. She is smart and alert and sensitive. She is shy initially, but… » Read more »