Are Bernese mountain dogs crazy?

Are Bernese mountain dogs crazy?

Bernese Mountain Dogs are not hyper dogs by any means. This trait doesn’t mean that they can never have a moment of hyper behavior. Separation, boredom, and the puppy phase will naturally cause them to become hyper and act out. Thankfully their personality is so agreeable that it is easy to manage.

Do Bernese mountain dogs do well in hot weather?

Most Bernese Mountain Dogs love cold weather and snow. The dogs’ black coats absorb heat from the sun; many dogs seek shade, even on cool days. Berners do best in a climate-controlled environment during hot weather. Berners require daily exercise regardless of the climate in which they live.

Do Bernese mountain dogs slobber a lot?

Many Bernese Mountain Dogs drool very little, but those with loose jowls can drool quite a bit. That slobber can end up on the dog, in the house, and on you. Combine that drool with high levels of shedding and you can see why the Bernese Mountain Dog might not be the best choice for the fastidious dog owner.

When to switch to adult style feeding for Bernese Mountain Dog?

After the 6 months mark you can switch the puppy to a more adult-style feeding Feeding your Bernese Mountain Dog puppy Other than choosing the right food, you need to make sure you are feeding your dog enough and at the right time intervals.

How big does a Bernese Mountain Dog Get?

Male Bernese Mountain Dogs are usually between 80 and 115 pounds, while females are usually between 70 and 95 pounds. Bernese Mountain Dogs are very calm dogs who bond with their family. With proper early socialization, they grow up to be very easy-going dogs.

Why do Bernese Mountain Dogs shed so often?

Bernese Mountain Dogs have a double-layer coat that keeps them warm. The top layer is longer while the undercoat is woolly. This breed shed regularly, but sheds even more twice a year during shedding season. Weekly brushing can help keep the shedding under control by removing loose hair.

What kind of food do you feed a Bernese Mountain Dog?

When you go the commercial food route, you also have a few choices. You can give wet food, normally packaged in tin cans. For a large dog like a Bernese Mountain Dog, around 1500g of wet food per day will suffice. You can also feed dry food to your dog.