How old is mouse from Virginia Mutt rescue?

How old is mouse from Virginia Mutt rescue?

Mouse is a handsome one year old neutered male Australian Shepherd/ Border Collie mix. He is a fun loving,… » Read more » luna was adopted as a puppy but her adopters were older and she is a puppy and just has too much energy for them… » Read more »

Where can I adopt a female mutt in Virginia?

CLEO, FEMALE, 3 MONTHS OLD, 20 POUNDS AND GROWING CLEO IS BEING FOSTERED IN THE RICHMOND VA AREA. IF YOU ARE… » Read more » ‘Hey there, my name is Indi and I would love to find myself one of that fancy schmancy forever homes that I keep… » Read more » ‘Well hello there, friend!

How big is Cassie from Virginia Mutt rescue?

Cory is the brother to Cassie, he is a sweet boy too, loves people and pretty outgoing. Not wild about the leash… » Read more » Cassie is an adorable lab-great pyr. mix. She is approx. 8-10 mos and 35 lbs. She has a great smiling face and… » Read more » Meet Daisy!

What kind of dog is Dexter from Rescue Me?

Dexter is a beautiful, extremely smart boy that is very loyal, loving, and affectionate to his immediate family. He… » Read more » She is a precious, perfect puppy! Meet Royce a Lab-German Shepherd mix born March 10th. She is the lifelong… » Read more » This cutie is named Lexus! A lab German Shepherd mix born March 10th. She’s just a doll.

What kind of dog is eauty from Rescue Me?

Eauty is a very sweet girl that is in her golden years. Even though I have not had her very long she has made sure… » Read more » If you’re looking for a best friend, then meet Toby! Toby is a 9 months old chocolate lab and shepherd mix. Toby is… » Read more » Meet Dwight born April 7th! What a handsome pup!

What kind of dog is Cyndi from Rescue Me?

Cyndi is a 4mth old female Mini Double Doodle. She is a mix of a mini Labradoodle and a mini Goldendoodle. She… » Read more » Axel Rose is a 4mth old male Mini Double Doodle. He is a mix of a mini Labradoodle and a mini Goldendoodle.

How old do Rat Terriers live to be?

On average, Rat Terriers live to be between 12 and 18 years old. Have a question about your pet’s health? Ask us now! Did you know? A Rat Terrier appeared in the movie “The Little Colonel” with Shirley Temple in the 1930s.

What was the original purpose of the Rat Terrier?

The earliest ancestors of the breed made their way to America in the 1920’s and became a multi-purpose farm dog, not only helping with rodent control but also hunting small game, says Kallas.

Which is the best breed of Rat Terrier?

“They are hunters at heart and will happily chase anything that chooses to run away,” says Tracey Kallas, a breeder at K2 Rat Terriers and AKC/UKC Rat Terrier judge. “Being smart and clever and loving to dig makes them excellent escape artists.

Is there such a thing as a noisy Rat Terrier?

The Rat Terrier, like most terriers, can be noisy when they feel they need or want to be heard. Like most terriers, Rat Terriers should only be exposed to cold-weather climates for short periods of time. Rat Terriers have a few personality quirks that necessitate early socialization, so proper training is required to have a well-mannered companion.