How do you comfort a cat having a seizure?

How do you comfort a cat having a seizure?

Also, you need to stay calm to help your cat safely through the seizure. Move your cat away from any objects or areas in which it can become injured. Make sure there are no sharp edges nearby that it could cut itself on. Move it away from any steps or stairs that it could fall.

Can a cat survive seizures?

Death was directly associated with seizures in 21% of cats, and as a consequence, remission is likely to go along with prolonged survival. An important factor to consider is that older cats will have a decreased survival time simply because they are older.

What triggers seizures in cats?

The most common cause of a seizure in a cat is toxin exposure. Flea and tick medication, sprays, dips, and shampoos can contain a chemical called pyrethrin that can cause a cat to have a seizure.

What can I give my Cat for seizures?

Use phenobarbital to prevent seizures. Most of the anticonvulsants used in dogs are either ineffective, or toxic, to cats. However, phenobarbital has been shown to be effective and safe. The medication works to keep your cat from experiencing seizures.

What should I do if my dog is having a seizure?

Move your dog or cat away from any objects or areas in which he can become injured. Make sure there are no sharp edges near him that he cut himself on. Move him away from any stairs that he might fall down. Remember that your dog or cat has no control over his muscle movements while he is having a seizure.

Is it possible for a cat to have epilepsy?

Epilepsy is rare in cats, and is a condition where no underlying cause is found to explain the seizures. Luckily, there are ways to control the seizures your cat is experiencing with the help of medication.

When to call the vet if your cat has a seizure?

The sedation should wear off after a few days as your cat’s body acclimatizes to the new medication. If the sedation does not wear off in a few days time, call your vet right away. Do not give these medications to cats with liver conditions. Phenobarbital is deactivated by the liver and should never be given to cats with liver disease.

What are the symptoms of epilepsy in cats?

Symptoms of epilepsy in cats. If you think your cat may be suffering from epilepsy, consider the following symptoms to determine if it really is suffering from this disease: Spontaneous seizures. Muscle stiffness. Loss of balance. Difficulty in eating and drinking. Difficulty in walking. Hyperactivity.

Why do kittens have seizures?

Main Causes of Seizures in Kittens. Kittens may have seizures due to various causes, but most commonly these episodes are due to infections, toxicity and internal worms: You may also suspect that your kitten has epilepsy, which is associated with seizures.

What is cat epilepsy?

Idiopathic Epilepsy in Cats. Epilepsy is a brain disorder that causes the affected cat to have sudden, uncontrolled, recurring physical attacks, with or without loss of consciousness.