Is it normal for a kitten to be born tail first?

Is it normal for a kitten to be born tail first?

Kittens are born head first, but occasionally a breech delivery (feet or tail end first) can occur, and although this is considered normal, do watch carefully and make sure that a breech is delivered successfully. Once the first kitten is born, the kitten will be enclosed in a birthing “sac” and placenta.

Can kittens come out breach?

With a breech presentation, the kitten may become stuck in the birth canal; this situation may require an emergency C-section. If the delivery proceeds normally, the kitten will emerge after a few contractions.

When to take your cat to the vet for tail trauma?

Before rushing your cat off the vet, however, call ahead as the vet may be able to advise you over the phone if the injury is minor. Tail trauma in cats is usually the result of accidental injury. A cat’s tail extends from the spine. The tail is an important part of a cat’s body as it provides them with a sense…

What happens if you pull your cat’s tail?

If you pull or stretch the tendons, you’ll damage the use of the tail, hind limbs, bladder and bowel functions. It may also cause arterial bleeding, which is difficult to control and potentially life-threatening for your cat. Take your cat to the vet if you suspect a tail injury. The vet can address the injury without additional damage to the tail.

Is it normal for a kitten to come tail first?

Posteriorly presented, or tail-first, kittens occur quite frequently, so much so that this could almost be considered a normal presentation, often causing no delay in birth. If, however, the first kitten comes tail-first there may well be delay owing to the absence of the wedge-shaped head pushing behind the fluid-filled membranes.

What do you call a cat with a broken tail?

If there is exposed bone or if the skin has been stripped from the tail leaving only bone this is called a ‘degloving’ injury. If you happen to notice a hard, non-painful kink in your cat’s tail, it’s probably because he was born with the kink in the tail or it’s an old, already healed injury.