When should I neuter my Rhodesian Ridgeback?

When should I neuter my Rhodesian Ridgeback?

Spaying/neutering your pet early will shorten your pets life. Many vets will recommend you spay or neuter your Ridgeback at or before 6 months of age. I highly recommend that Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies (and other large breed dogs) NOT be spayed or neutered early, as this can cause many complications later in life.

Can Rhodesian Ridgebacks retrieve?

A history as a fearless lion-hunter gives the Rhodesian Ridgeback an advantage in the field. They’re ready to work and happy to accompany their owners on the hunt. They have the stamina necessary for the hunt and may be trained for pointing and retrieving.

Do Rhodesian Ridgebacks have separation anxiety?

This breed does not tolerate loneliness very well, and at best may pine in your absence, and at worst become destructive. This condition is known as separation anxiety. The possibility that your Rhodesian Ridgeback may pine for you in your absence, however, should not put you off this breed.

How long can a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy be left alone?

We would never recommend leaving your Rhodesian Ridgeback alone for more than four hours. Because they form such strong ties with their families, you’ll need to gradually train them that it is OK to be alone.

Is a Rhodesian Ridgeback a good family dog?

Rhodesian ridgebacks are extremely tolerant dogs and excellent companions. Ridgebacks are protective of children and other household members. These are excellent natural watchdogs and family protectors, but they do need to know that the caregiver is in charge.

Is the Rhodesian Ridgeback bad for other dogs?

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is particularly noted for aggression towards other dogs, and it’s never to early to help them overcome this. Ask your breeder if your puppies will get an chances to meet other dogs before they come home with you.

How tall can a male Rhodesian Ridgeback get?

The male Rhodesian Ridgeback can reach a height of 63-69cm and weight of 36-41km, whereas the females can reach a height of 61-66cm with the weight of 29-34kg. This surely is a lot, and given the hunting background of the breed, they do have an excess of energy that they need to burn out.

What kind of job does a Rhodesian Ridgeback do?

Bred to hunt, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is used to working solo and making decisions without help or influence from other dogs or people. Needless to say, this ability comes from possessing lots of confidence and intelligence too! Since so many of their forefathers worked as guard dogs,…

What kind of dog is a ridgeback dog?

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a breed that is fairly large and energetic. Given its size and temperament, the dog can easily crush all your tableware with his tail while turning around in your living room.

What to do if your Rhodesian Ridgeback has health problems?

Start your Rhodesian Ridgeback off on the right foot by feeding the right food, giving the right vaccinations, finding the right vet, and if you’re going to spay or neuter, don’t do it too early. Jump down to this list of Rhodesian Ridgeback Health Problems Or check out my advice for raising a healthy Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy or adult dog:

What’s the temperament of a rhodesian ridgeback dog?

However, after a few short years, the Rhodesian Ridgeback’s temperament means they can mature into calm companions. Since these dogs are full of energy, they will need long walks or hikes to keep them happy and healthy. This breed is active and aren’t likely to lay around in your yard or house all day.

Where did the Rhodesian Ridgeback get its name?

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are a breed of dog known for the line of fur that trails down their spine, giving them their name. Perhaps lesser known about them is that they originated in Africa to be hunting dogs used for hunting lions and other large prey.

What kind of health problems do Ridgebacks have?

Other health issues in Ridgebacks include deafness (inherited deafness), megaesophagus, and pancreatitis. Let’s talk about dermoid sinus in Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies. The most serious disease in Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies (with about a 5% incidence) is a severe inherited skin deformity called dermoid sinus. First of all, what it is?