What is an example of a superlative?

What is an example of a superlative?

Superlative adjectives are used to compare three or more nouns. Superlative adjectives demonstrate a higher level of comparison between entities. For example, “She’s the prettiest princess in all the land.”

How do you find the comparative and superlative?

Language – adjectives rules for forming comparative and superlative adjectives

  1. Most adjectives of one syllable form the comparative by adding ‘er’ and the superlative by adding ‘est’.
  2. When an adjective ends in ‘e’, add ‘r’ for the comparative and ‘st’ for the superlative forms of the adjective.

What is comparative superlative?

We use comparatives and superlatives to say how people or things are different. We use a comparative adjective to express how two people or things are different, and we use a superlative adjective to show how one person or thing is different to all the others of its kind. For example, Mick is taller than Jack.

What is the example of comparative and superlative?

Add -er for the comparative and -est for the superlative. If the adjective has a consonant + single vowel + consonant spelling, the final consonant must be doubled before adding the ending….One syllable adjectives.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
fat fatter fattest
big bigger biggest
sad sadder saddest

What is a superlative of soon?

Filters. Superlative form of soon: most soon.

What is the superlative of beautiful?

Answer and Explanation: The superlative form of the adjective ‘beautiful’ is ‘most beautiful,’ not ‘beautifullest.

What is the comparative and superlative of intelligent?

intelligent (comparative more intelligent or intelligenter, superlative most intelligent or intelligentest)

What is the comparative for beautiful?

Adjective. beautiful (comparative more beautiful, superlative most beautiful)

What is superlative of good?

Not all things are created equal: some are good, others are better, and only the cream of the crop rise to the level of best. These three words—good, better, and best—are examples of the three forms of an adjective or adverb: positive, comparative, and superlative.

What is the superlative of worse?

Using the correct form of worse and worst In grammatical terms, ‘worse’ is known as a comparative adjective and ‘worst’ a superlative adjective.

What is the superlative of intelligent?

Its superlative degree of comparison is ‘most intelligent’….What is the comparative degree of intelligent?

Adjective with Three or More Syllables Comparative Form Superlative Form
intelligent more intelligent most intelligent

What is the superlative for intelligent?

If an adjective has two or more syllables, it usually forms the comparative and superlative degrees with more and most: more intelligent, most intelligent; more difficult, most difficult.