How much do English Springer Spaniel puppies cost?

How much do English Springer Spaniel puppies cost?

What’s the Price of English Springer Spaniel Puppies? You can get this type of dog from a breeder or a shelter, with different price points for each. If you choose to purchase your English Springer Spaniel at a breeding facility, the cost will be anywhere from $1,200 to $2,500.

How many puppies do springer spaniels usually have?

Sarah Spinks, a PDSA veterinary nurse, added: ‘A litter of fifteen puppies is very large, the average litter size for a Springer Spaniel is around five or six. They must be quite a handful.

How long is a Springer Spaniel in pup for?

The pregnancy period for an English Springer Spaniel is typically around 60 days from the day of mating, but this can vary.

What is the ideal weight for a springer spaniel?

Female: 18–23 kg
Male: 20–25 kg
English Springer Spaniel/Weight

Are springer spaniels good family dogs?

English Springer Spaniels are a member of the ‘Gundog’ breed group. English Springer Spaniels are happy, playful and energetic. They make good family dogs; they’re well behaved, love to be kept involved in family activities and get along well with children and other household pets.

When do Springer Spaniels go on sale in the UK?

3 stunning springer spaniel puppies for sale 2 girls and 1 boy all liver and white will be available from the 1st July 2021. Adventurous fun loving playful pups all developing there own unique…

What kind of dog is an English Springer Spaniel?

The English Springer Spaniel is from the Gundog group. It is an intelligent, loyal, and happy breed with a soft coat and a gentle expression. See all dog breeds to learn more.

How old is Lucy the English Springer Spaniel?

We are proud to announce our Working English springer spaniel Dam has now whelped her litter. The Dam is 2 years old and this is her 1st litter. She is trained to a very high standard as a… Lucy is 1 years and 7 months old.