When did the Dutch start breeding warmbloods?

When did the Dutch start breeding warmbloods?

Through selection and specialized breeding the Dutch Warmblood has become what it is known for today. Registered Warmblood breeding in the Netherlands is well over a century old. King Willem II recognized the first Dutch studbook organization in 1887 and so laid the basis for regulated Warmblood breeding.

What are the medical requirements for a Dutch Warmblood?

The exact outline of the Dutch Warmblood varies depending on the pedigree. Dutch Warmbloods are sound and long-lived due to the stringent requirements placed on stallions and elite mares. While mild navicular changes, sesamoids, pastern arthritis and bone spavin may be permitted on radiographs, osteochondrosis in the hock or stifle is not allowed.

Where can I buy a Dutch Warmblood horse?

Uraeus is a former FEI competitor. Several Dutch Warmblood horses have been ‘held prisoner’ at Angola, the Louisiana State Prison, where they are part of the extensive horse program. Each year a few Dutch Warmblood crosses are sold at the Angola Prison Horse Sale.

Who are some famous warmbloods from the Netherlands?

A few of the recent Olympic medalists bred in the Netherlands include Royal Kaliber, Montender, Authentic (Nimrod), Mac Kinley in 2004, De Sjiem in 2000 and Hickstead in 2008. Recent Dutch Warmblood Olympic medal-winners in dressage include Ferro and Udon.

How old is a Dutch Warmblood horse for sale?

I currently have 4 horses which have extensive training backgrounds in jumpers. Looking for a responsible adult who wants a safe ride and can enjoy flatting… Five year old mare by the well known UB 40 stallion and out of Divine-ISF.

What kind of grooming does a Dutch Warmblood need?

Most Dutch warmbloods are very in tune with their riders. Standard horse grooming is necessary for a Dutch warmblood. A daily brushing will remove any dirt and debris and evenly distribute the horse’s oils across its body. Hoof inspections and cleanings also should be done daily.

What kind of food does a Dutch Warmblood horse eat?

Dutch warmbloods need a diet similar to many horses that includes quality grass, hay, grains, fruits, and veggies. Large Dutch warmbloods might need a little more feed than an average-size horse, though that also depends on the horse’s activity level.

Where did the warmblood horse get its name?

History and Origins The Dutch Warmblood horse’s ancestry dates back to the Netherlands prior to World War II—the Warmblood horses earned their name in order to distinguish them from cold blood draft horses and hot bloods like Thoroughbreds and Arabs.