How much is it to rescue a horse from a kill pen?

How much is it to rescue a horse from a kill pen?

Adoption or Purchase Fee This fee rarely covers the rescue’s investment in the horse, but does provide the new owner some history of the horse. When rescuing a horse from a kill pen, it is common for the new owner to purchase or bail‐out the horse; this fee can range from $100 to $1,000.

Why do horses get sent to kill pens?

Kill pen horses come from local livestock auctions, Craigslist ads, free-bee ads, and even websites like Dreamhorse if a horse is being under-valued enough. There can be many reasons a horse ends up there: bankruptcy, sudden hardship on the farm, death in the family, etc. Horses are sold at action by the pound.

Why are kill pen horses so expensive?

Kill pens would like us to believe the increase prices is due to “higher meat prices” and they are selling them to us out of the “goodness of their hearts”. It does not take a financial genius to see they make much higher profits when selling to the public.

How are horses killed in kill pens?

At the plants, horses experience again extremely rough handling by plant employees. Scared by the sense of imminent death, they are prodded and beaten while they are moved to holding pens and to the kill chute. Now comes the stunning, bleeding and cutting of the horse carcasses; this is where their ordeal ends.

How do they kill horses at kill pens?

Here, horses are brutally beat, kicked and poked in the head or the eyes by uncaring workers in charge of moving them from the pens to the ring and back to the trucks, showing a total disregard for laws and the pain inflicted on these animals.

Where do kill pen horses go?

58 cents per pound and U.S. kill pens routinely ship all the horses they can gather to Mexico and to Canada to be sold as meat. The practices for killing them are brutal and inhumane — and if you find this difficult to believe, please look online at Youtube for horse slaughter videos.