Is there a miniature Colt Single Action Army?

Is there a miniature Colt Single Action Army?

“American Miniature Gun Company Colt Single Action Army. 1/3 Scale model of a Colt Single Action Army. Entire trigger guard acts as the trigger. Excellent condition. Missing cartridge tine shaped …Click for more info

What’s the serial number of a miniature Colt?

“Colt 1851 Navy Square Back Miniature Revolver. Made by Colt for the U.S. Historical Society. Serial number 156. Mint condition. Comes with original case and outer box. Click for more info “Colt Walker Miniature Revolver. Made by Colt for the U.S. Historical Society. Serial number is 156. Mint condition.

How much does a miniature Colt Walker cost?

ADDITIONAL CAPS AVAILABLE AT $20 SET ADDITIONAL FLARES AVAILABLE AT $20 SET …Click for more info “Colt Walker Miniature by Tom Weston. Made by Tom Weston of Mexico City in the 1950’s. Cased with all miniature accessories. Weston had a gun store on Insurgentes Ave. in Mexico City.

How long does one bale of hay last a miniature horse?

One bale of hay will usually last one miniature horse for a week. Of course they do require the same care, with normal veterinarian and farrier attention. Minis have the same gestation period as their full-sized kin — 11 months or 345 days.

When is the best time to castrate a colt?

Gelding a colt usually is done at around 1 to 1 1/2 years of age, although as early as a few weeks of age to 2+ years old this surgical procedure can be done. We prefer to castrate a colt when there are no flies or snow and ice around (spring or early summer).

How often should I Feed my 6 month old colt?

If OCD, epiphysitis and other leg problems occur in the herd, we advise limiting the daily amount of creep feed to a maximum of 1# per month of the foal’s age daily until weaning at 6 months; for a large 6 month old foal this is a maximum of 3# of a colt diet twice a day, or approximately 1% of body weight maximum.

How does a white hawk Quarter Horse foal develop?

The mare will often stay lying down, with the foal’s feet still inside her and the umbilical cord attached and passing blood to the foal. Within an hour, the foal will be up and being licked and nuzzled by its mother.

How old is junior, our mini horse?

Meet Junior. He is a 31in, 5-year-old stud. He could be used as a stud or.. Mocha is our 9 year old mini and is currently standing at stud. He stands a.. Flashy pinto filly. She still has some of her winter coat, but is very refi..