How do I know if my cat has been poisoned with antifreeze?

How do I know if my cat has been poisoned with antifreeze?

Signs of antifreeze poisoning in cats include vomiting, a sleepy or depressed demeanour, a drunk-like and uncoordinated state, as well as seizures and difficulty breathing….If you suspect antifreeze poisoning

  • Vomiting.
  • Seeming depressed/sleepy.
  • Appearing drunk and uncoordinated.
  • Seizures (fits)
  • Difficulty breathing.

    How does a cat react if poisoned?

    Signs of poisoning in cats that have ingested painkillers include difficulty breathing, pale blue gums and swelling of the paws and face. Later there may also be vomiting and they may pass dark urine. If you suspect this has happened to your cat, take them to your vet straight away.

    How much antifreeze is fatal to cats?

    Ethylene glycol has a very narrow margin of safety – which means that a cat could easily drink a toxic dose. As little as one eighth of a teaspoon of undiluted antifreeze per pound of body weight can result in fatality.

    Can a poisoned rat kill a cat?

    Although designed to kill rats and mice, cats often find rodenticides (rat and mouse poison) tempting as well. When taken in sufficient quantities by the cat, it results in spontaneous bleeding (internal bleeding, external bleeding, or both). If left untreated, this could prove fatal for your cat.

    How do you help a cat that has been poisoned?

    Contact your vet immediately. Don’t wait for signs of illness as by then your cat may be too sick to survive. If you can see the poison, take your cat away from it immediately. If possible, take a sample of the poison with you to your vet appointment to help the vet choose a course of treatment.

    How do you cure a cat that has been poisoned?

    Treatment of Poisoning in Cats

    1. An administration of ethanol (in cases of antifreeze poisoning)
    2. Fluid therapy (to help to flush the toxin from the body)
    3. Muscle relaxants (for tremors)
    4. Anti-seizure medication.
    5. Induce vomiting.