Why is my Westies belly black?

Why is my Westies belly black?

Hyperpigmentation means a darkening of the skin, where more pigment is visible. This is obviously more dramatic in dogs with light skin and fur. Most cases of skin darkening in a dog are secondary to other skin conditions or metabolic problems such as allergy, infection or endocrine disorders.

Are Westies supposed to have black skin?

It is not uncommon for the hairless skin of some dogs to develop a darker color due to a pigmentary change in the skin, depending on how much time they spend in the sun. However, Westies are certainly one of the most common breeds associated with skin allergies.

Is it normal for Westies to have black skin?

West Highland Terrier with black nodule on skin near jaw. Approx. 1/2 inch Does not itch and sits on skin and appears to be attached by a small stem between nodule and skin surface. … read more My 14 year old female Westie has had continual problems with severe protein buildup under her eyes (for at least 4 years now.)

What kind of problems does a Westie have?

One of the most common problems that Westies face is their vulnerability to allergies. Though they are a tough and resilient breed, allergies are their main bane, causing symptoms such as itching, which leads to hair loss, skin irritation and sores.

Can a westie dog have a skin allergy?

However, Westies are certainly one of the most common breeds associated with skin allergies. An underlying skin allergy can also lead to a darkening of the skin through a pigmentary change that is a response of the skin to chronic inflammation and infection.

What causes a dog’s tummy to turn black?

The color change from that chronic trauma may only be visible now. Skin infections can occur on their own or can be secondary to allergies. No matter the cause, if the skin is infected, it can lead to hyperpigmentation. Skin infections, like allergies, can be chronic. Your vet will get to the bottom of this and treat accordingly.

What kind of skin problems does the Westie have?

Infection of the skin by the yeast Malassezia is a common complication of skin conditions in the Westie. Symptoms include hair loss, intense itching, black oily crusty skin, an unpleasant odor, and ear infections. The condition usually progressively gets worse.

Why does my westie dog have black skin?

Skin conditions are usually aspects of allergies passed down through bloodlines. Westies are prone to genetic allergies to grains, pollen and fresh-cut grass. Black skin disease, or alopecia X, is one of the specific skin disorders common to Westies. This disease is caused by a genetic hormone imbalance and is thought to be most common in males.

How old is a Westie when her tummy is black?

My Westie is just 9 years old and her underbelly is turning very black. Over the past year it has moved from being a little area to half way up her … read more I have 13-year-old female westie. she’s having tummy aches every couple weeks.

What can I do about my Westies skin turning black?

Leave the shampoo on for at least 5 minutes on the black skin before rinsing it off as this can help with bacteria and yeast infections. You can also apply the topical ointment that you have on the blackened skin also at this time. The hypoallergenic diet is a great idea as a food allergy can also cause this. Definitely keep him on this.